Minnesota's new "victim" class

  • Article by: Katherine Kersten
  • Updated: April 6, 2013 - 10:55 PM

The Twin Cities legal community is dancing around the truth.

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windigolakeApr. 6, 13 5:42 PM

"Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up." And yet you do, KK. Every other week! Thanks for another dose of far right political fiction.

basia2186Apr. 6, 13 6:14 PM

Fiction? I think not. Read the crime reports. Behavior is why they are felons. No perks for criminals regardless of race.

boomerchickApr. 6, 13 6:41 PM

I won my "guess the Katherine Kersten article by the headline" game again. The word "victim" in quotes was the tipoff.

pumiceApr. 6, 13 6:45 PM

Perhaps, Ms. Kersten, the lack of skepticism and the lack of "lawyerly cross examination" as well as the "heads nodding in agreement" at the Hennepin County Bar Association's seminar on "The New Jim Crow" is due to the fact that this "professional association of lawyers in Minneapolis and its suburbs" has experienced the new racial caste system. Perhaps they are more aware than you that discrimination by "racial hierarchy" has been expressing itself in the American justice system for decades. Perhaps they see overt discrimination in ALEC-inspired model legislation with ever harsher, automatic, three-strikes-and-you're-out sentences. Perhaps they see a resemblance between ALEC-inspired vote-suppressing election law and Jim Crow laws.

bannedmuggsApr. 6, 13 6:49 PM

"Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up." And yet you do, KK. Every other week! Thanks for another dose of far right political fiction. ======================================= "far right political fiction". I'm not sure who the writer is and I have not read her before, but she used facts which I know is a tough concept for liberals to understand. windigo - if her article is so off, why don't you counter it with something instead of just criticizing?

pumiceApr. 6, 13 6:54 PM

Here's a thought: Think of the deficit reduction which would be possible if those drug offenders who "constitute only a quarter of our nation’s prisoners" were treated the same as other non-violent drug offenders! Think of the progress which could be made on repairing "the decay of the social fabric in low-income black communities" if every American child had opportunity equity via quality education and if every American worker with a full-time job earned a living wage!

jbpaperApr. 6, 13 7:11 PM

Just another example of people blaming everyone else but themselves for their mistakes. You don't want to be considered a felon, don't commit a felony.

jbpaperApr. 6, 13 7:13 PM

windigolake; Please enlighten us to what she made up. Was it the crime rate statistics? The out of wedlock birth rate statistics? What was made up?

kinghiberniaApr. 6, 13 7:15 PM

Excellent article!!! Based on facts. Thanks to the author and the Star-Tribune for making this available to the readers.

jdlellis1Apr. 6, 13 7:22 PM

Within the past week or so the news brought forth criminal behavior by the Atlanta School Superintendent, an African American, and her cronies for doctoring test scores for their students. When in a power, I influence and leadership role, critical to a city with an African-American population in excess of 50%, where are the ethics, morals and values that can take control and move past past societal injustices.


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