Backstrom pulled early in Wild's loss to Kings

  • Article by: Michael Russo , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 5, 2013 - 5:45 AM

Minnesota’s losing streak has grown to three games.

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caferevApr. 5, 1312:31 AM

Not only have the Wild lost four of five, but they've essentially been crushed in all four losses. (The San Jose loss could've been 7-2 or more!) It's time to quit pretending. This team needs to call up Zucker and Scandella and quit pretending that PMB--perhaps both the leagues weakest forechecker and it's worst defensive player--and Stoner/Faulk can get it done. Butch benefited from two hot linemates once upon a time; he's now as useless as ever. And Stoner and Faulk? The clock hit midnight on that tragedy. Zucker scored another pair of goals tonight, including an OT game winner. Scandella has managed to skate to a -1 in Houston on a team that doesn't score much. Time to get real and PROVE these prospects are as important to this organization as management claims, because many of these re-treads from years past only promise results from years past. Well, unless, of course, Yeo and Fletcher's goal is simply to improve to eleventh in the conference this year. Then, just leave everything as is, because the current trainwreck of a stretch will certainly get us there. Pair Scandella with Gilbert, and place Pominville on the second line with Cullie and Seto (assuming Cullie's back on Sunday) and Zucker on the third with Brodziak and Clutter. Let's see if this team doesn't get a bit tougher in the process.

buhbay1cApr. 5, 13 1:29 AM

Trading Hackett was an endorsement for Kuemper, you would think. No idea why Yeo would start Backstrom, it's not as if he has been standing on his head lately. Yeo should be more concerned with correcting his team's inability to perform menial tasks, like making a line change. No worries though, Zulgad, Dubay, Molesky, and all the other talking heads have already punched the Wild's ticket to the playoffs. I'll say the same thing I said after our big offseason. Maybe grab home ice for the first round and get back to me.

pazalunaApr. 5, 13 3:01 AM

before the year i said the wild would not make the playoffs and i feel pretty good about that right now.

strib1991Apr. 5, 13 5:58 AM

Not time to panic?? When WILL it be time for them to panic?! After they lose 6? 7? Maybe when they're sitting in 8th place struggling for every single point to stay in? Will the Wild let their fans down again this year after doing so well the last few months? Will they plummet into the abyss like they did last year? Will this team EVER make the playoffs again??? Now is the time when the boys have to step up and become men. Grit it out and win these games. They're not babies who should have to be coddled and cooed to! They're men who need to get out there and earn their salaries!!! The fans demand their best every single game and judging by the last 3 pathetic losses? We're not getting that! It's glaringly easy to see who's valuable to this team now and who isn't. Let's hope Cullen is back in the line up or the next one!!! And Stoner is out. Pathetic play last night. Completely disgusting!

wildfanstanApr. 5, 13 6:20 AM

Gilbert looks lost out there. He is a liability everytime he is on the ice.

minneg56Apr. 5, 13 6:42 AM

Backstrom cracking? Although last night's shot totals on Wild net were low ... I believe it's cumulative. I hope 'Kuemp Worsley' can step in and give Backstop a 'scheduled' night off on occasion rather than a night off by 'hook' as happened last night. Backstrom suffered from some poor play in front of him last night AND from over use this season.

dirtydogsApr. 5, 13 6:44 AM

So Fletcher gets fleeced in a trade, mortgaged the future of the team, and we will be lucky to make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs and all we have to show for it is a decent forward with one year left on his contract. Fletcher should NEVER be allowed to make another trade again. That was obvious after the Leddy trade. Wish they would have moved Backstrom. He has played horrible the past few games and is flopping like a fish and is very slow to get back up. High salary and decreasing performance.

minnystinkApr. 5, 13 6:48 AM

This league, especially the Western Conference is deep. The Wild are right in there with the likes of Saint Louis, San Jose, and LA. The have hit a brutal part of the schedule, and its taking a huge toll on the whole team. Even a team like Columbus is going to be tough on the road on Sunday and I think they will be ok. I just wish they would have added a dman...Gilbert is struggling, Stoner stinks, and Prosser and Falk are basically borderline NHLers...Not sure why Scandella is not playing up here, he is better then Stoner, Falk and Prosser.. This summer, Heaters, Butch, Cullen, and Backstrom will all be evaulated, and they will have more turnover...Just add a Dman...

sage62Apr. 5, 13 6:55 AM

Let's talk Yeo for a minute. west coast back to back with a tired veteran having played on the front side and he starts who? Stoner is brain dead, but loyal to yeo, let's sit Faulk, Clark and Prosser instead. first line is producing, let's break that up too... Stupid line changes on top of that!!! Pull your head out, yeo!

MKIAhockey130johnApr. 5, 13 7:18 AM

I have not checked lately but I have to think that Pheoinx has not lost 4 of 5 all year and they are a really low budget hockey club. Its funny everyone in the hockey world knew that Palmolive would play right side of Koivou and left would be Parise, crazy world we live in, would not it be nice to throw off the other team once in a while.... I still can't see why Parise can't play with a couple of ham and eggers once in a while like he did in New Jersey...... The Wild are not the only ones that do it I get it, but the whole idea is boring, same thing everyday yet no results.... Without Heatley and Cullen the Wild spend about the same as the Kings.....The Wild need a graybeard around to help with the youngins in management, been saying it for 4 years while we have been stockpiling our cupboards with Brodin, Brodin, Brodin, Brodin and Brodin..... I remember once I could remember the old team being booed off of the ice during the 8 -9 years they were here.....


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