Conn. governor signs sweeping gun law, seen as model for Congress and other states

  • Article by: SUSAN HAIGH , Associated Press
  • Updated: April 4, 2013 - 8:21 PM
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EleanoreApr. 4, 1310:53 AM

Another act of sedition and insurrection by a state legislature, so sad. Will CT residents correct their rebellious legislators? Will they correct those attempting to enforce these illegitimate laws? I’m not seeing much of that in other states even if many companies are refusing to do business with these governments, and many government representatives are saying they will not enforce the unconstitutional acts. Time has to be running short on this experiment when people are not held accountable for their crimes. What an unnecessary waste and shame for all the people throughout history who gave their lives to ensure its’ success. I guess the dollars are winning out over people in America’s houses of government and if the people won’t correct it, we’ll end up dividing society into those who will defend our society, and those who will become the slaves of those who would act against it from within.

stevenelApr. 4, 1311:56 AM

I see it as a small victory in the fight to keep our young people alive. Nobody's taking away the family pheasant hunting gun, there are no plans to do so, and I really don't need an assault rifle to be free.

kkjerApr. 4, 1311:59 AM

I want to see some guy try and sell his gun and get a background check on the buyer. It isn't going to happen because private citizens can't just get background checks on people. Not only that how is a private citizen going to know whether or not the id is false or not. It ain't going to work, and there is not a dime in that bill for law enforcement to put on the people needed to do this. All they can do is pull somebody off of the street.

bgronniApr. 4, 1312:01 PM

never let a tragedy go to waste. these "sweeping" laws will not do anything to prevent rampages like Newtown. This was an opportunity to limit more of our rights.Legislation made out of emotion is never a good thing. But by God the DID something. Well maybe there are enough liberals in CN to not make the necessary corrections the next election. that will not happen in many other states though.

mrprogressiveApr. 4, 1312:09 PM

When there is a will, there is a way. Take one thing away and criminals and those with a desire to kill people (both who don't normally follow laws) will find another way. It is a slippery slope.

tomlincolnApr. 4, 1312:16 PM

2 common threads in all these tragedies. Crazy/evil person and a gun. Why not work on both sides. Guns might not kill people, but they sure as hell make it easier to kill, and kill more.

A440Apr. 4, 1312:17 PM

How soon before the second amendment is merely another Goldsteinism that the radical left will condemn?

herby2013Apr. 4, 1312:20 PM

None of this will eliminate gun violence. None of it. In fact, it will hardly put a dent in gun violence. More hollow symbolism from the Democratic Party.

jessy03Apr. 4, 1312:22 PM

Why do we have any laws - all laws just take away our freedoms... Scrap all laws! LOL

heffayApr. 4, 1312:23 PM

And not a single life will be saved as a result of these new laws.


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