Wolf advocates claim Minnesota neglected their concerns

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 5, 2013 - 1:54 AM

Plaintiffs say rules for hunt were set without hearings. DNR says online survey was sufficient.

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LandsharkApr. 3, 1310:32 PM

They never surveyed me or the thousands of other Minnesotans that said shoot 600 instead of 400.

SorghastrumApr. 3, 1310:50 PM

That the wolf hunt commenced too soon after the species was delisted is cause for concern. It reeks of political coercion. This hunt, in order to be evaluated fairly should be temporarily halted in order to evaluate the effects upon fecundity, mortality,changes in pack size, sustainability and ratios of litter sex. It would be interesting to study whether there will be an increase in the deer herd and the moose population as well, but factors regarding this are now playing out due to global climate change.

weewillyApr. 3, 1311:50 PM

The Minnesota DNR is a business. Their purpose is to create revenue for the state. They employ scientists who are as objective as the researchers who work for pharmaceutical companies.

mjpetrieApr. 4, 1312:11 AM

This hunt was not planned too soon after the delisting...it was probably planned 5 years before the delisting but silly lawsuits delayed the delisting. I'm anxiously awaiting results from the moose study...the MN wolves are decimating the moose population and soon we'll have more factual data to support my assumption (how come moose in Maine are thriving...no wolves). If wolf advocates feel neglected it's because their arguments are based on emotion, not scientific fact or sound management principles.

blueskydayApr. 4, 13 1:14 AM

What, no mention of the DNR holding hands in court with Safari Club International? Naw, that would give too clear a picture of what is actually going on here. Primary clients indeed.

basia2186Apr. 4, 13 4:57 AM

I bought 2 hunting licenses this year. First ones ever. The DNR ( do nothing right) insisted that only those with ANOTHER hunting license would be allowed to participate in the wolf hunt lottery . They didn't just want the money from " pretend" wolf killers like me, they want them dead! Keep up the lawsuits. Lets do a petition and get it on the ballot. A full 80% of Minnesotans do not support the hunt! Our resources belong to all of us, not just the demented sportsmen that like to kill for FUN!

rangesonApr. 4, 13 5:53 AM

"An attorney for the DNR, however, said the agency got a clear message from the Legislature that wolf hunting had to commence in 2012" == Ah, hello.....of course this was politically motivated! I clearly remember some legislator saying that he'd been approached by someone who "wanted his kids to experience what he did as a youth....he'd even like to hunt them from a plane." Loss of habitat and disease are what's killing the moose, and we have NO shortage of whitetail deer. yes, wolves are preying on the weak and sick moose.....maybe we should discover why there are so many weak and sick moose? The DNR should be charged with protection of our natural resources.....instead, they are operating like game farm brokers.

redkayakApr. 4, 13 6:26 AM

If this were really about protecting wild life, the wolf hunt would be doubled. It's already too late to stop the wolves from killing all of the moose in Minnesota.

bizsmithApr. 4, 13 6:47 AM

In my opinion, it is trapping with the cruel traps that should not be allowed.

voner26Apr. 4, 13 7:05 AM

The hunt is here to stay so get over it. It has been long overdue. If you want to see wolves come to NE MN and take a walk in deer country just before dark and you will not only hear the hunt but chances are see them. For the past several years we have seen them during deer season and noticed the unusual habits of them having lost their fear of man as they will lope out and stare at you, lope away stop and look back with out any fear. They are bold enough to come right into small towns looking for easy prey. Until you have seen the results of these predators that will go into deer as they yard up, kill all of them and then leave the carcases with out returning to the kill. Time to thin the herd folks. Being I won't kill what I won't eat they have been in my sights many times so they can safely lope by me.


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