Rise in ADHD cases is due to marketing

  • Article by: Charles E. Dean
  • Updated: April 3, 2013 - 10:27 PM

You see, there's money to be made.

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badboyzsApr. 3, 13 8:25 PM

Marketing? How about every parent seeking to explain away their child's bad behavior? How about the schools wanting more special needs kids to get more funding?

goferfanzApr. 3, 13 9:27 PM

Dr Dean has many good points, but so many of our children have become "lost souls." Honestly, most of us from school in the 1970's remember few, if any, "ADD" classmates. I dont remember one from my graduating class of 150. Zilch. Similarly, American research now tries to prove this "diagnosis" is also rampant in other societies and cultures (which often, it seems to be missing). If one thinks the massive rise in ADD isnt directly related to the massive rise in illegitimacy, working moms, school teachers sued for corporal punishment, etc, then look in a mirror. A kid with a stay-at-home mom doesn't have to fight for maternal attention. A kid in daycare, well, visit a daycare............Also, try find the (paucity of) studies comparing the obvious = soaring illegitimacy rates and working parents matching the soaring ADD rates.....hmmmm, both since the 1970's. Guess what? Liberal academia doesnt want to go there.

viktorvaughnApr. 3, 13 9:43 PM

Thank you, Dr. Dean. ADHD is a sad scam. It seems they've managed to diagnose the human condition as some sort of disorder to sell more drugs.

furguson11Apr. 3, 1311:18 PM

The use of drugs has increased and crime is now at a 35 year low. Hum...

DannyHaszardApr. 3, 1311:34 PM

Remember-Zyprexa (Olanzapine) Diabetes connection conflict of interest. Eli Lilly made $70 billion to date,paid $1.4 billion in criminal fines. Thousands got diabetes as Zyprexa side effect and have to take Lilly insulin to treat the diabetes that was caused by their Zyprexa. Eli Lilly Zyprexa can ruin your Pancreas and make you a type 2 diabetic in just a few months of use.I took it 1996-2000 and now am a diabetic for it. 'Atypical' antipsychotic Zyprexa is the worst offender of them all

owatonnabillApr. 4, 13 5:56 AM

Dr. Dean is right on. No drug can fix bad parenting.

cyberhaze9Apr. 4, 13 7:27 AM

The article is right on, but is about more than marketing. It is a whole broken medical system based on soothing symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes. Of course, curing people is less profitable than telling them they have a disease that requires years (if not lifelong) daily medication. The issue is not solved and the side effects from the medication cause more issues (which then require more medication to alleviate). Good physical/mental health habits and good parenting could eliminate the need for the vast majority of the psychological and pain management medications people take in such abundance on our country. It is just another part of the puzzle of why we spend so much more than other countries on "healthcare" while receiving far worse health outcomes.

pumiceApr. 4, 13 7:27 AM

Re: "Dr. Dean is right on. No drug can fix bad parenting." Except, owatonnabill, that is not Dr. Dean's point. Here's Dr. Dean's conclusion: "Again, none of [53 percent increase in the diagnosis of ADHD in the past 10 years] is explainable on the basis of biology or genetics. It is market-driven." He cautions parents to be aware of and to resist Big Pharma's decades-long, self-promoting marketing campaign which is designed, first and foremost, to increase Big Pharma profits.

hitch22Apr. 4, 13 7:46 AM

The reason why people are using ADHD medication is because the medication works!!! People act like drug companies are forcing people who wouldn't benefit from taking the medication to take the medication... Nothing could be further from the truth.

ZossimaApr. 4, 13 7:57 AM

Welcome to a world in which "profit" is God. Dr. Dean doesn't mention the fact that much of our water supply is polluted with the many unused drugs people flush down the toilet every day or all the other types of pollution we and our children face every day. It doesn't what business does to us or the environment so long as they make a PROFIT.


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