State Patrol says squads are being hit at alarming rate this year

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 3, 2013 - 3:56 PM

The State Patrol said Wednesday that its squad cars at traffic stops are being struck by other vehicles at an alarming rate so far this year, 10 times in 2013, with four of those coming in March.

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jackpinesavApr. 3, 13 9:27 AM

Teaching senior defensive driving, I stress the Ted Foss law. Speed, distractions, fatigue cause these crashes. Slow down and pay attention!

bord141Apr. 3, 1310:24 AM

Something to look into is the level of brightness today's police cars have. It's one thing responding to an emergency and you want to be seen, but pulled over on the shoulder the car still has all of its lights going full blast. A simple alternating pattern of a couple flashing lights and not the entire lightbar seems logical when pulled all the way over on the shoulder not blocking a lane of traffic especially at night. I've seen too many police cars that are literally blinding when stopped on the shoulder. I can't imagine how this looks to someone driving under the influence.

NoMasBSApr. 3, 1310:35 AM

I know at least two ways that you can reduce these types of accidents. Get rid of the, "move over" law and make it a slow down law. Also, it would help to do something with the lights on the officers cars. They are blinding and then you mix that with trying to move over and slow down and it's no wonder we're already up to 13 accidents this year.

verdepatoApr. 3, 1310:40 AM

The move over law causes accidents In all of the other states that I drive in when troopers pull someone over the pull way over to the right then with the back end of the troopers car all most in the ditch

rshacklefordApr. 3, 1311:29 AM

I hope some answers as to "WHY" motorists are ramming stopped squad cars are given during this news conference. Is it 100% drunk drivers? Is it texting? What did the drivers say after it happened? Were they blinded by the flashing lights? Were they thinking it was a moving car and not stopped? Everyone KNOWS to move over but obviously something is not working the way it should. Figure that out.

jackpine091Apr. 3, 1312:05 PM

Does anyone else drive down the freeway and see dozens of drivers texting while they drive? Do you think that might be a reason??? Hang up the dang phone and drive!

awshucksApr. 3, 1312:11 PM

Blinding lights? what they heck are we? Moths? Don't drive INTO the lights! MOVE OVER! Not that complicated, folks. And yes, I've come from behind on numerous occasions, in all kinds of weather conditions.

oldmannickelApr. 3, 1312:25 PM

I do a lot of long distance driving as part of my job and I'm floored by how many people don't move over for officers or even fellow civialians when vehicles are pulled off on the shoulder. I just think this world is filled with bad drivers and all of the laws that you can cram into the book isn't going to stop people from driving bad. Blaming bright flashing lights from squad cars is a poor excuse too. My guess on those four squad cars that were hit in March would likely stem from poor weather and hazardous driving conditions.

joe_mnApr. 3, 1312:53 PM

People expect all cars on road to be moving. They cannot comprehend that car on shoulder is stopped. In their mind, they assume it is moving and inadvertently move behind it and whoops! Car is stopped?

gearrunrApr. 3, 1312:55 PM

I refuse to pull over on the freeway or a busy highway. No way. I keep driving until I reach a safe side street. Not that I get pulled over all the time, but it has happened.

Laws can't protect people from injury or death, they can only be used to punish those who are caught breaking them.


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