Late-life divorce marks another baby boomer trend

  • Article by: Susan L. Brown
  • Updated: April 2, 2013 - 8:03 PM

There is little research on the implications for individuals, families or society.

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urservantApr. 2, 13 7:48 PM

Divorce brings great sadness. It may end in the relief of pain but sadness for the husband and wife, sadness for the children and sadness for friends and neighbors. Once the marriage is broken by the final step of divorce things are different for everyone involved. I pray for those who are challenged in the marriages to remember their commitment and strive to honor each other. For those who cannot, I pray for relief from the pain they and their families will suffer.

marsbonfireApr. 2, 1311:13 PM

Some people stay in marriages for the children, for money, out of fear of being alone. I can't imagine what it would be like to share a life with someone that you don't love. For whatever reason that people decide to call it quits and get on with their lives, it's not for any of us to judge. Life is too short to go through it being unhappy, and there are no do overs. I'm thankful every day that my marriage is the real deal and that my wife and I love each completely, and I certainly wish others can experience what we have.

keaton12Apr. 3, 13 5:19 AM

One should never stay in a marriage riddled with pain and suffering. People change. Some people don't show their true colors when they say "I do". It is hard to believe single people suffer more. The only pain that stands out is when my employer expects me to shovel ten inches of snow as quickly as my married counterpart.

furguson11Apr. 3, 13 6:57 AM

I just passed 50 and it seems like soon as the kids leave the nest, parents look at each other and re-evaluate. It's easier to stay together when you have a common goal, focusing on the children and keeping the family going. But sometimes feeding the relationship is second fiddle. After that busy time is done, you need to keep re-committing to stay together.

unsinnApr. 3, 13 7:41 AM

Keaton 12 - You're lucky. My employer asks me to shovel 10 inches of snow in 1/2 the time as my married counterpart.

firefight41Apr. 3, 13 9:17 AM

Divorce happens because people hold onto the baggage of the past. This baggage effects our relationships with others, our family, our children, our spouses. People need to learn to deal with the past and move on, if not, well, look around you see what happens.

privateeyeApr. 3, 1311:28 AM

35 years next month. I can't think of another person I would want to age with. Too bad more couples don't weather the storms.

bgronniApr. 3, 1311:34 AM

I have been married 32 years. just recently went to talk to a lawyer on how to go about getting divorce from my wife. Our kids are done with college and on their own. I know the only thing we have is common is the kids. we like different food, movies, music. I work out, she is a couch potato. I like the outdoors, she doesn't.huge diffenences in the bedroom as well. in 2004 i realized we were over, in 2013 we are. There is no bad guy, there is just the fact that two people are far to different. Did not seem like it years ago, but it is without a doubt now. We have become strangers and i cannot live like this any longer.

herby2013Apr. 3, 1312:04 PM

Divorcing after 30 or 40 years is an absolute waste. All that time invested in a relationship and then you just give up. Sad.

legendmindApr. 3, 1312:53 PM

The problem with marriage is that most partners are too restrictive to allow both participants to make a lifetime of changes.


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