Souhan: Gardenhire needs to alter his familiar approach

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 1, 2013 - 8:23 AM

Five recommendations the longtime Twins manager should follow to remain on the job in 2014.

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kivirl4Mar. 31, 1310:31 PM

I am not a Gardy fan, mainly due to his pitcher management. Too much of a slave to the mythical 100 pitch rule even if a pitcher is cruising along, and leaving a pitcher who is struggling in way too long. That said, the problem with the Twins now is not Gardy ,but the ownership and front management, who have tried to assemble a team on a 81 million dollar payroll. Of course that is obscene, but that is the world we are in. WHen we built Target field off the backs of hardworking taxpayers in Hennepin County, we were told this would ensure the Twins could field a competitive team. I am not saying the Twinks should be like the y anks with a 200 Million plus payroll with an allstart at every position, but you cant field a competitive team on 81 million. I knew this would happen. The Pohlads are the problem.

ollie3Mar. 31, 1310:32 PM

"He’s a knowledgeable, experienced manager with quirky tendencies and obvious flaws. That sentence could also have been applied to Joe Torre when the Yankees were a dynasty and Tony La Russa at any of his stops."------or it could be applied to Bobby V, who's closer to Gardy in # of championships than Torre and LaRussa are

kennyrogersMar. 31, 1310:43 PM

There are three guys on the team who are capable of carrying a team on their backs and they are paid handsomely for it. If these guys try a little harder it would help immensely and Gardy whouldn't have to change a thing.

BallFourMar. 31, 1311:30 PM

The thread here supposes the likes of Valencia and Plouffe have the psyches of 12-year-olds. You have to encourage youth ball players. Once they're men, they need to understand that it's a cutthroat game in which the next guy doesn't care if you can "take it." The next guy just takes your job.

danbannMar. 31, 1311:54 PM

"Gardy" should have been fired two years ago. But since he's back again, he'll have a real chance to lead the Twinkies to a third in a row 90 loss season. But then again, winning's overrated, is it not?

taverntalkApr. 1, 1312:03 AM

There are at least three things on your list that Gardy cannot do. Time for a change.

jimiekApr. 1, 1312:26 AM

I hope he is gone by the end of June.

FireballR22Apr. 1, 1312:40 AM

The criticism of players through the media is #1 on my list of things Gardenhire does wrong. Wait, #1 is his loyalty to a pitching coach who really doesn't have much of a resume. Wait again, it was his loyalty to a hitting coach (Vavra) who TRULY had no clue. Wait, it is his mishandling of both starting AND relief pitching. Now I'm trying to think of a reason that this guy SHOULD stay...can't do it, because they are ALL valid reasons why he should be gone. Should have been gone at least a season and a half ago.

hjlazniApr. 1, 1312:42 AM

The "Twins Way", waiting for the pitch to get deep before you swing with a short swing, to "hit it the other way, is a bigger culprit than Gardenhier. The Twins decisions to find a $600,000 player at the very important shortstop position last year and this year with a team salary nearing $100 million is another culprit which may not be Gardenhier's decision. A bad shortstop equals a higher ERA making some believe the parents of the pitchers in the Twins organization somehow have lesser genes than parents of pitchers in other organizations. It was the ss not playing at a major leaque level the last two years, folks.

pazalunaApr. 1, 1312:45 AM

gardy also wasn't able to get along with matt garza, kyle lohse, pat neshek, jc romero, kevin slowey...


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