ADHD cases rising among school kids in U.S.

  • Article by: Alan schwarz and Sarah cohen , New York Times
  • Updated: March 31, 2013 - 10:13 PM

But questions also raised about whether diagnosis, meds are being overused by doctors.

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batman50Mar. 31, 1310:19 PM

Big Pharma is making big bling- pushing pills on everyone. The 'war on drugs' should be against them.

bwikMar. 31, 1310:41 PM

There is definitely something wrong when licensed doctors are less knowledgeable about the side effects of amphetamine than eighth-grade children who have taken health class. The reality is, amphetamines have a wide range of terrible psychological effects including thought disorders, pathological anxiety, psychosis, insomnia, addiction and physical side effects. Giving this toxic substance to children is, unless truly called for, child abuse. It is a drastic solution designed to erase part of the human condition, kind of like lobotomies were. Sadly, the medical community is subject to fads just like tween girls are.

farm4goodMar. 31, 1310:46 PM

Perhaps we need better parenting. It looks like a prescription is the easy way out for dsyfunctional parents!

cosmicwxdudeMar. 31, 1310:49 PM

Disgusting. Normal kids being drugged for no reason other than they are a bit excitable. I've seen kids destroyed by these drugs and physc's. Ridiculous.

davidpalmerMar. 31, 1310:52 PM

"Big Pharma" does not solicit business. Parents bring their kids to their doctor because they are failing in school. When properly diagnosed, the benefits of these drugs are dramatic. The real problem is college students without the diagnosis using these drugs to enhance their studying. It is a widespread problem and campus police apparently have little interest in investigating and prosecuting these lawbreakers.

mrarmsMar. 31, 1311:21 PM

Seems to parallel the rise of jerks in society at large. And the rise in news that cannot be believed. Is there a connection?

northstars91Apr. 1, 1312:32 AM

Whatever you do, NEVER put your kids on ADD or ADHD medication in order to focus better it will cause more problems than you can possibly imagine down the road.

strib1991Apr. 1, 13 5:46 AM

Parents are not allowed to discipline their kids anymore for fear of someone calling the police or social services. Everyone has made it their business and it's gotten way out of hand. So, there you have an undisciplined, spoiled brat of a child that the parent can't control, and off they go to the doctor to get them 'evaluated'. Oh my! Guess what? ADHD! Surprise, surprise. Here's a prescription for you to drug them up and keep them quiet! Don't discipline them, don't raise your voice, and above all don't SPANK them when they're being brats - just slip them this here pill. I know two single women who almost seem to be proud of the label their kids have been given by doctors, and almost seem to be boast about it - why?? Society has created these bratty kids and parents, teachers and other authority figures are bound and gagged. We grew up in the generation where parents were still allowed to raise their kids, and we all received a swat on the butt or soap in our mouth once in a while, but you know what? We LEARNED from that and are all completely normal, well adjusted adults now, that have never taken pills or been in any therapy. Can the same be said about bratty kids of the last 20 years?

owatonnabillApr. 1, 13 6:13 AM

Back in the day, the family of owatonnabill used to heat the family home with wood. It was the task of owatonnabill, a young teen at the time, and First Brother to keep the ol' woodbox full. Consequently we'd saw up 8-foot logs into manageable 18" or so pieces, split and pile the pieces, and haul them into the house as needed. Sawing was accomplished with a buckstand and a two-man crosscut saw: a contraption about 7 feet or so long with 1.5" saw teeth, and a handle on each end. It was HARD work. One day, owatonnabill inquired of Father Figure why he and First Brother had the onerous task of cutting the wood with the two-man saw instead of with the chainsaw lying on the garage floor that owatonnabill knew very well how to run. "Owatonnabill" replied Father Figure, "tired kids don't get into trouble". ADHD was unknown back then. Maybe there's a good reason for that.

ranger1873Apr. 1, 13 7:46 AM

This rate of 'diagnosis' is scandalous. I was told once that my four-year old son needed to be treated for ADHD. I told them "no, my son is being a four-year old boy". That child is now an Eagle Scout and member of the United States Armed Forces. What we really see with far too many "ADHD" diagnoses is an attempt to breed the 'boy' out of the 'little boy'. It's wrong.


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