Amid turbulent session, Dayton looks to reelection

  • Article by: PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 31, 2013 - 5:52 PM
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pitythefoolsMar. 31, 13 6:03 PM

"If I'm breathing," Dayton said, when asked if he's definitely running again. "Good Lord willing, I'm running for reelection."

If the Republicans stay in their "it's not the message, it's the message delivery" denial, and put in another mad dog like Emmer, breathing is about all Dayton's going to have to do to get re-elected.

erikj3Mar. 31, 13 6:16 PM

I'm a Dem and I would, reluctantly, vote for Dayton again, but I think we need someone better in there. His handing of the whole Vikings stadium debate (especially the e-pulltab debacle) alone is reason enough for him not to run again.

dvsdan123Mar. 31, 13 6:17 PM

RE=ELECTION?? After the Stadium pull-tab fiasco, I was thinking RECALL!!!!

elmore1Mar. 31, 13 6:25 PM

No, Mark has not produced. He is a dreamer and not a guy that can deliver the right results for our state. The stadium fiasco was his doing. His tax reform program turned into more "tax the rich" and raise taxes on cigs..not exactly brilliant ideas. How can we take any "investment" proposal of his seriously?

blahstateMar. 31, 13 6:27 PM

Government shutdown costing Minnesota millions of dollars in tax revenue. An attempt to force private business to Unionize. A proposed snow bird tax. A proposed business to business tax. The stadium....yet to be figured out, and this clown is talking his political future.......good God. His peers in the senate called him illogical, irrational, unpredictable and we are seeing it all first hand. dayton is a self proclaimed alcoholic with a history of mental health issues. hes never worked in the private sector and yet I would bet there are still a few liberal fools that would support a second bid at making decisions on our behalf. Only in Minnesota. un-flipping-believable.

wulffie22Mar. 31, 13 6:40 PM

As many missteps Dayton has made would usually make him vulnerable but the conservatives have screwed things up within their own party so badly he will most likely be able to continue the tradition of spending our money on stuff that we wouldn't spend it on.

blahstateMar. 31, 13 6:47 PM

If Minnesota had any sense, they would be focusing on impeaching this fool. How many more examples of incompetence do you need........This is scary, especially since the dems have complete control. Daytons own family gave him a boat load of dough so he wouldnt join the family business. Someone in the Dayton clam saw the glaring signs that he needs to be far, far away from making decisions.

comment229Mar. 31, 13 6:54 PM

I guess I am going to have to do some research into the vikings stadium issue because I was not aware that this was totally Dayton's problem? I thought it had bi-partisan support? I guess Dayton did make a mistake. He should have said something to make the situation all better, like, "not on my watch."

comment229Mar. 31, 13 6:57 PM

PS... I too was against any public help financing this stadium, but I know of an owner I would be blaming, before the governor. And further, if that stadium deal was not done, and the vikes decided to move, what would all of you be saying about Dayton?

blahstateMar. 31, 13 6:57 PM

100 Senators in our country, and Dayton took home the crown of Worst Senator. You want more from this guy........WAKE UP.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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