Sack cartoon: Evil wins

  • Article by: Steve Sack , Star Tribune Editorial Board
  • Updated: March 31, 2013 - 6:00 PM
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wa0tdaMar. 31, 13 6:21 PM

Exactly so. The NRA doesn't represent gun owners as much as it is a lobbying front for the gun industry.

jarlmnMar. 31, 13 7:21 PM

Never mind just the NRA! (and they ARE a membership organization, *not* a gun industry association) For every NRA member, there are dozens upon dozens of non-affiliated gun owners who are totally outraged at the leftists for their harassment of peaceful gun owners. We gun owners, conservative and moderate, are TOTALLY fed-up for being blamed for the crimes of gang-bangers and the misdeeds of the mentally ill. The sociopolitical rift in this country was already high, even without the gun issue. But certain gun-phobic Democrats have blithely risked renting the nation even further apart in an attempt to pass a bunch of mush-headed, feel-good, but do-nothing gun laws. It is that sort of numbskull legislative activity that is indeed what is "evil." If Mr. Sack thinks Congress is "evil" now, just wait until the next election when fed-up gun owners are going to give *plenty* of anti-gun politicians their walking papers!

shushyn78Mar. 31, 13 8:24 PM

A despicable cartoon.

imperatorgMar. 31, 13 9:46 PM

The NRA of Wayne LaPierre and his cohorts is NOT the same NRA that does so much good on the local level. Do not confuse the two. The national so called leadership spits on the rank and file membership while being interested only in how much money they can make as lobbyists for firearms companies. According to their own financial records filed publicly just a couple years during reorganizing after filing for bankruptcy, the NRA gets many times more more money from the firearms manufacturers they lobby for than from the rank and file members. Anyone in the rank and file who thinks anyone in the national headquarters gives a tinker's dam for what they really think or want (except when it happens to line up with their master's wishes) is an out and out fool.

ubetcha101Mar. 31, 1310:57 PM

So U mention the word EVIL. Interesting how U would mock GWB for using those words against the fascist. But gun owners and people that defend there rights are evil. interesting

comradeApr. 1, 13 1:57 AM

When all else fails and their agenda is exposed as pointless and stupid, then bash the NRA. As though that has anything to do with the 80 million gun owners who are sick and tired of being demonized because a literal handful of lunatics or criminals in gangs commit acts which warrant the application of the death penalty or at the very least, life with NO parole. Going after the messenger, in this case the NRA ain't gonna work anymore. People have seen the folly of more laws that don't get enforced as a back door display of fascist behavior marketed as beneficial for the common good. Yeah, sure. When will the Democrats learn that criminalizing the law abiding will not have any effect on crime? Don't hold your breath waiting.

longmemoryApr. 1, 1310:11 AM

The NRA represents a paranoid element. It used to be an organization whose members bought guns for hunting. Now a majority of it's members buy for self defense. Paranoia is a mental illness. Wayne Lapierre is man on a (co)mission.

fishanhunt2Apr. 1, 1311:22 AM

EVIL WINS? The Left's push for more gun control laws that will only further and restrict law abiding citizens has caused the two independant moderates in this household to join and support the NRA. As have many of our friends. Sorry Sack, but you are wrong on this one. I suspect the 2014 elections will prove that point.

herby2013Apr. 1, 1311:22 AM

The vast, disproportionate majority of gun violence occurs not in Republican gun country, but in Democrat voting inner cities. Tens of millions of middle-class families were raised in America's inner cities UNTIL the Democrats started their welfare vote buying give-away programs in the 1960s. Then crime soared. The TRUTH of the matter is that the number of murders in America is about the same as it was in the late 1960s but the population has grown, resulting in a lower per capita murder rate. Including a lower per capita murder rate by guns. Except for America's inner cities, which are just as violent today as they were 40 years ago. Hahahaha. I guess the truth hurts, huh?

ZossimaApr. 2, 13 7:01 AM

What the foolish politicians and significant part of the public fail to realize is that people kill people. Take away the guns and people will simply look for another weapon in order to kill. Look inside the prisons, the most controlled environment one can find, and you will find people killing people, bare-handed if necessary. People are the problem which needs to be addressed.


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