Andrew Zimmern's lamb and goat burger among new food at Target Field this season

  • Article by: Paul Walsh , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 28, 2013 - 8:47 PM

Visitors to Target Field will have a longer menu of Minnesota-centric food options to choose from come the start of the Twins’ 2013 season next week, including a celebrity chef’s burger made with lamb and goat meat.

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swschradMar. 28, 1310:23 AM

broke that embargo by 18 minutes. gotta get NNTP timing running on those servers, folks.

plopcornzMar. 28, 1310:28 AM

just because Zimmern is 'Minnesotan' doesn't mean lamb and goat burgers are. no thanks. grass fed beef please.

hazzzeeMar. 28, 1310:52 AM

Glad to hear they have a section for the health conscious.

dmulville72Mar. 28, 1311:01 AM

Target Field will be once again better known this year for its concessions rather than team play. Way to go Twins PR department.

writinstickMar. 28, 1311:01 AM

With the horrible pitching the Pohlads have given us (Worley, our ace?) He will be lucky if there are 500 people in the seats.

mamazogMar. 28, 1311:06 AM

@plopcornz: There are 3000 sheep farms and 1500 goat farms in Minnesota. Just because you aren't interested doesn't mean new foods shouldn't be offered at the park. The variety adds another dimension to the experience.

recker222Mar. 28, 1311:09 AM

None of them as most of the food is way overpriced and really not all that good.I will eat before the games.

wileyrulesMar. 28, 1311:12 AM

I would like to see them just improve on what they already have. Colder beer, cleaner condiment bars. Less dead fruit flies in the ice (really happened last time I was there).

tent0004Mar. 28, 1311:17 AM

As a Chef in the twin Cities, it upsets me to see the upper managment of food and vending at target field is so accepting of "fad" foods. What would be so wrong with bringing in a professionally cooked high quality "ballpark" food selection of menu items in a old school style similar to the perception the twins organization want to emphasize evident the throwback stadium and jersey options. Personally when I go to the ballpark I want an amazing jumbo dog(grassfed beef,high quality,etc...), local beer(SURLY,Grainbelt,Summit,ETC...) & peanuts.... why do the upper management of target field and twins organization feel we want to buy the randomness of the menu they offer in various locations throughout target field. Upsetting to say the least!!!

obviousMar. 28, 1311:23 AM

I love the guy ... love his shows ... love his enthusiasm about his adopted home state of MN ... but $13 bucks for a burger ?? ... within the tax-payers stadium that hardly any tax-payer can afford the price of admission ?? ... my family of four will be passing on those items, respectfully.


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