Korean border open a day after North Korea threatened to cut key hotline

  • Article by: HYUNG-JIN KIM , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 27, 2013 - 11:48 PM
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unclemushyMar. 27, 13 7:36 AM

The little dictator is playing a game that he cannot win and is too stupid to know it. He is trying to force us into buying "peace" like his father did. We have paid millions, if not billions, to N. Korea for them to stop their nuclear program. It didn't work. Time to stop all of it. Send in the drones Mr. Obama. Send in the drones!

formergopMar. 27, 13 7:52 AM

Call their bluff. Let them show their hand.

A440Mar. 27, 13 7:56 AM

How long before NK floats a nuke down the coast and "makes a statement"?

unclemushyMar. 27, 13 8:20 AM

"How long before NK floats a nuke down the coast and "makes a statement"?" I don't think they are that stupid. It would lead to their annihilation.

marsbonfireMar. 27, 13 8:20 AM

A440Mar. 27, 13 7:56 AM How long before NK floats a nuke down the coast and "makes a statement"?______________-They won't... that "statement" would mean their annihilation and they know it.

kkjerMar. 27, 13 8:57 AM

unclemushy: you had better believe that we have missiles aimed at North Korea, aimed and armed. If this little weasel wants a war he may get one, but it won't be a man on the ground war. The NK Weasel also should know that we have enough spy satellites over his country to know when he goes to bathroom, and what brand of toilette paper he uses.

sambisselMar. 27, 13 9:52 AM

Tough talk, but the most dangerous opponent is the one with nothing to lose. NK is most likely fast approaching that point. Will they win, of course not. Will tens of thousands be killed. Yes.

stevnimMar. 27, 13 9:58 AM

The truce was declared 60 years ago, but we are still technically at war with N Korea. Unless we want to be in the same position another 60 years from now (2073) and leaving this problem for our grandchildren, we have to change the status quo. We should push back, not talk, if hostilities start. Negotiations are 60-year time wasters with N Korea. Or withdraw and get out entirely.

gjacobMar. 27, 1311:28 AM

stevnim, We need to know how China will handle a Korean war. If they back NK, we are looking at WWIII. It will be much less painful if they stay on the sidelines. For that reason, we cannot just say 'bring it on'

rjr2205Mar. 27, 1311:47 AM

I long for the "good old days" when we had a leader who would pre-empt the use of weapons of mass destruction!! North Korea is lucky we have a leader who thinks before he acts!! (Of course this is sarcasm) My mother lost her 21 year old brother on Sept 1952 in the Korean "Polce action"! This is truly a sad and scarey situation!


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