Austin Packaging to lay off 125 -- half of its workforce

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  • Updated: March 26, 2013 - 5:28 PM
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crazylarrietMar. 26, 13 5:39 PM

Obamanomics is really kicking in for the lower middle class now isn't it? Just wait until Obama hands out 12Million work permits to fraudulently documented foreigners and see how that hits the lower middle class.

dflleftMar. 26, 13 5:40 PM

MY ADVICE to the unemployed would be to move to the great city of St Paul where the economy is great...low taxes, cheap housing and for a small fee subidizes light rail to go whereever you need.

falcon1681Mar. 26, 13 6:28 PM

crazylarriet - Obamanomics is really kicking in for the lower middle class now isn't it? Just wait until Obama hands out 12Million work permits to fraudulently documented foreigners and see how that hits the lower middle class. ------------------- And I'm sure every single one of them will find less than gainful employment in the PRIVATE sector....

herby2013Mar. 26, 13 6:52 PM

Just the other day there was an article telling us how rip-roaring strong the job market is. Boston Scientific has been laying off workers, 500 in Minnesota last year and more this year. Best Buy laid-off 400 workers. Supervalu is eliminiating 600 Minnesota jobs. The fact is the the economy is doing poorly, and has been and always will do poorly because of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. The economy actually lost 2.8 million jobs in Jan. 2013 (more than the 2.7 million lost in Jan. 2012!), but the Obama administration's Dept. of Labor through the magic of "seasonal adjustments" takes those massive job loss figures and transforms them into impressive job gains. Ain't it amazing how with a dismal 0.10% annualized GDP growth for the 4th quarter 2012 that the economy can produce 200,000 - 300,000 jobs per month under Obama? No, it isn't amazing because those jobs created aren't really created. They are "seasonally adjusted" into creation when they don't really exist. From an article last August: "Federal Reserve officials have cited doubts about the accuracy of the monthly jobs number as one reason for their uncertainty about the health of the economy." Source: "Beware the Jobs Report of July",, Aug. 2, 2012.

erikj3Mar. 26, 13 7:19 PM

herby2013, the reason the economy hasn't improved much is because Republicans have obstructed Obama every step of the way. They believe austerity is the path to prosperity (or at least the path to hurting Obama and the Dems) and will never support spending on infrastructure, which is what we need to drag ourselves out of this mess.

brotherkennyMar. 26, 13 7:28 PM

Yes, it's a socialist plot to destroy the frozen pizza industry. It won't be long now until the entire marginally nutritious prepackaged food industry is crippled. Remember Twinkies? Next will be potato chips. Okay, maybe not. The story suggests there is a lack of demand. That might have something to do with it.

JP55901Mar. 26, 13 7:29 PM

So people not buying enough frozen pizzas is Obama's fault? Good grief. You righties are crazy!

herby2013Mar. 26, 13 7:50 PM

When the economy is bad sales of all discretionary items fall. Best Buy, frozen pizza makers, you name it, so many different types of businesses are laying off workers I can't keep track of it all. Wall Street is laying off thousands. Banks are laying off thousands. JC Penny is laying off another 2,200, including some assistant managers. Medical device makers have been laying off thousands because of new Obamacare taxes. Boeing is laying off 800 workers and eliminating another 1,500 jobs through attrition and retirements. T-Mobile is cutting hundreds of jobs at corporate headquarters. Daimler Trucks is cutting 340 workers. Oh yeah, hospitals have been laying off thousands of workers around the country, too. Coca-Cola is cutting 750 workers. AstraZeneca is cutting hundreds of high-paying R&D jobs in America. This is the "hope and change" you wanted "four more years, four more years" of and you got it. Some of those newly unemployed had to have voted for Obama and I hope they are happy.

mayde15Mar. 26, 13 8:13 PM

herby 2013 - and this would not happen under Romney? It is surprising all the neg comments on Obama - do you really think Romney was the solution? Better immediate employment with Romney, huh?

unclemushyMar. 26, 13 8:28 PM

Face it - There is no shortage of frozen pizza manufacturers in the United States. Too much supply and too little demand. Most frozen pizzas taste like the cardboard they come on. In the mean time you have pizza chains offering $5.00 pizzas and grocery stores with fresh take and bake pizzas for about the same.


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