Minn. AG to investigate Sanford's proposed takeover of Fairview

  • Article by: Tony Kennedy and Jeremy Olson , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 26, 2013 - 11:06 PM

Attorney General Lori Swanson raises concerns, plans hearings over possible joining of two health care giants.

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rampalincMar. 26, 1311:55 AM

Lori Swanson has a narrow view. At the end of the day can Sanford leadership provide a better level of care at lower costs using Fairview's assets. As far as profit vs non-profit is concerned, Fairview has clearly revealed in their dealings with Accretive that compassion has no place in healthcare.

tuxedo01Mar. 26, 1311:57 AM

My family lives in areas that are served by Sandford Health and they all say the level of healthcare is substandard. The drive to the Twin Cities or Mayo to get the best care and results.

chuckdancerMar. 26, 1312:09 PM

1) How did hundreds of millions of other peoples money find their way into Mr. Sanford's pockets? 2) How can these people in the medical business keep "losing" money but be so anxious to have more assets to "lose" money with? Maybe this is where I went wrong. I should have got my hands on other people's money like Mr Sanford and government and found a business to "lose" money on.

jomdalyMar. 26, 1312:14 PM

I have gone to Fairview clinics and hospitals for years and have always been very happy with the care I received. If it is sold, I will switch to North Memorial Clinics and hospital.

tria56Mar. 26, 1312:29 PM

What a shame. Fairview has always provided such good care and benefits to the communities it serves. Pretty sure Sanford won't be interested in supporting the local communities in the same way.

EleanoreMar. 26, 1312:31 PM

No private company should be operating any assettes in MN tax free or even tax subsidized. Anyything sanford related should be payng taxes, or in the case of public private partnership, they should not be allowed to go with the new sandford system (unless sanford pays the aggreeived taxpayers 10 times their estimated value).

verdin11Mar. 26, 1312:36 PM

Sanford is the Walmart of healthcare. You simply cannot grow as rapidly as Sanford has without someone being shortchanged. Expect an immediate decline in service if this debacle ever happens.

cinemajayMar. 26, 1312:51 PM

This is BAD. Putting U of M research under the purview of a South Dakota company isn't in the interest of our state or the people cared for at Fairview.

dlfriesenMar. 26, 1312:51 PM

If, indeed, Fairview finds it necessary to merge with another Health System, it would be preferable to see a merger of local hospitals. Mr. Sanford appears more focused upon affixing his personal name to every major facility in the Midwest than he does healthcare. You may recall that he was willing to underwrite the cost of TCF Bank ... provided it was named after him. When he was rebuffed ... he withdrew his funding. Minnesota was a healthcare mecca long before Mr. Sanford decided to become involved in healthcare. Simply stated ... Minnesota does not need him.

moveright1Mar. 26, 1312:59 PM

Wasn't this the dude that was originally willing to donate money for the Gopher's football stadium if it was named after him? The U said NO! Maybe his revenge is to buy the U and call rename Sanford U? ;-)


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