Dayton: I didn't know source of e-pulltab estimate

  • Article by: PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 25, 2013 - 5:40 PM
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EleanoreMar. 25, 13 1:19 PM

That's ok, any elected official can have a free pass (so long as they do the corporatist thing) for any unethical, unconstitutional, wasteful, or deadly act of legislation they sign or vote for. You're an eliete class, like royalty. You shouldn't worry about the apperences of things, just continue to go about your business like you're actually adding something positive to society, and the papers will support you in it. You won't have to worry about us rabble until, maybe never if you keep escaping from the law of averages.

albundy74Mar. 25, 13 1:21 PM

Those on the gambling control board should resign and be banned from subsequent employment with the gaming companies they've had direct dealings with. Governor Daytn- When approximately 1/3 of the stadium funding is coming from an unverified source--It's in your best interest to verify it. Apparently this stems from being able to draw from the family wealth you live without a budget.

sharkysharkMar. 25, 13 1:30 PM

The reasonable thing for the Governor to do is call for a repeal of the stadium funding.

EOlson8798Mar. 25, 13 1:33 PM

I'm sorry, but "I didn't know" is a very poor excuse, Mr. Governor. It was your RESPONSIBILITY to know where the estimates came from before you endorsed the bill. Your excuse is an example of very poor leadership.

rshacklefordMar. 25, 13 1:34 PM

(article quote): "The lagging revenue has raised concerns the stadium finance plan will need to be reworked, but Dayton says it's too early to make that call." ---- Dayton needs to halt this project until it is funded by the NFL and/or Wilf. His "too early to call" statement is junk. We cannot allow him to wait until the perfectly fine metrodome version 1.0 is razed. Then, admit "ooops." It will be too late at that point for him to do the right thing for 5.3 million people. Get it Dayton? You are going to charge 5.3 million people with YOUR MISTAKE. Not an estimator's mistake because we all know where the buck stops.

nathanhaleMar. 25, 13 1:42 PM

Dayton told this newspaper that Republican Legislators that were opposing the stadium and directly questioning his e-pulltab esitmates were from venus. They were so far off the mark they were not serious they were just trying to stand in the way. We'll turns out they were right. Dayton needs to own this mistake, and its a big one.

johnmplsMar. 25, 13 1:51 PM

Imagine the number of people fired had a non-government entity made an error like this.

irelandguyMar. 25, 13 1:58 PM

It's time for Governor Dayton to apologize to the taxpayers of Minnesota - especially those in Minneapolis - for his foolish malfeasance and resign his office. Mayor Rybak and Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson were also complicit in the stadium extortion scheme and should resign. Senator Julie Rosen should also apologize for the major role she played in this debacle and resign.

barrysoetoroMar. 25, 13 2:01 PM

Hey Gov, you also didn't know about the seat fees which was clearly spelled out on page 24 of the contract YOU signed for the stadium. If you are not able to understand all aspects of these decisions which EFFECT US TAX PAYERS, maybe you should not be in the position you are in. You had better have enough sense to not think that the tax payers will pick up the tab for you and those other "leaders" who came up with this hypothetical guesstimate.....what a ship of fools.

ciamanMar. 25, 13 2:06 PM

Think of our Govenor as the CEO of Minnesota. And he did not know what had happened? Any CEO with such a poor effort would be fired. Immediately. Gov, the buck does stop with you and your lament of "I did not know" does not hold water. Without the money in hand now, what are you and your friends going to go to find it? Us, the taxpayers again? You are hanging by a thread and that one is fraying. Tell us more, Gov. Tell us much more.


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