Top talent joining Minneapolis campaigns in race to succeed Mayor R.T. Rybak

  • Article by: Eric Roper and Maya Rao , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 24, 2013 - 9:50 AM

Ranked-choice voting could alter the nature of the election.

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quinnerooMar. 23, 1311:03 PM

The only question that should be asked of the Council members running is, "Did you vote to tax your constituents for a sports stadium?" Congratulations Mr. Schiff, you'll win.

cks1950Mar. 24, 13 7:05 AM

I'm sorry, it simply doesn't take "talent" when it comes to redistribute other people's money. Willingness to be sure, but not talent & that's what's required to be elected to high office in Minneapolis in this day & age.

ginny6Mar. 24, 13 8:39 AM


elmore1Mar. 24, 13 8:58 AM

Out with the old guard. Mpls needs objective leaders, not rubber stamps.

swmnguyMar. 24, 1310:07 AM

I'll be interested to see how this shakes out. I don't have any particular favor for any candidate, but I'm not a fan of Cherryhomes. My impression of her is that she has always championed sweetheart deals for well-connected insiders; especially in matters of property development. When Cherryhomes lost her Council seat to Natalie Lee, Cherryhomes sabotaged her office and did everything possible to weaken her successor. It was not a coincidence that Council districts were then gerrymandered to oust the non-machine council-persons who won in 2002. Since then, Cherryhomes has been a consistent advocate and lobbyist for her connections in real estate.

So clearly I'm not a fan of Cherryhomes, just based on what I've seen.

My impression is that insiders in the current political system mostly favor Schiff, but there's significant support for Hodges, as well.

I'll wait and see. I'm guessing whomever I would favor doesn't have a chance. The mayor position in Minneapolis seems to be the ultimate political football, contested by all the various entrenched interests in the city.

mossholeMar. 24, 1310:07 AM

Wow, that's some "impressive" talent. A bunch of 'nobodys' who've been on the city council. People who have no clue what they're doing. This city could be great if it was more focused on safety and a business-friendly environment instead of trying to be number one in food stamps and welfare handouts.

dflleftMar. 24, 1310:41 AM

Charles Manson would be the next mayor.....all he would need is DFL endosement.

farcicalMar. 24, 1310:46 AM

The CITY does not administer food stamps or welfare handouts, so that comment has no basis in reality. A true test will be to know which candidate has a clear, BALANCED approach to housing, from increased home ownership to both high end AND affordable housing available in ALL parts of the city. But none of this really matters in the weak-mayor system of Mpls.

libertyformeMar. 24, 1311:54 AM

What Minneapolis needs is an independent! A person not entrenched in the DFL party. Cam Winton is the only candidate outside of the old guard yet has the support of many DFLers.

minneg56Mar. 24, 1312:44 PM

libertyforme - Maybe an independent or more specifically and I wouldn't care which party they came from, if some how the City residents got lucky - a combination of Don Frasier, Al Hofstedt and Chuck Stenvig ... with a touch of practicality and toughness shown by Park Board Commission's Walt Deidzic. If only this person existed AND was willing to serve as mayor we'd have the greatest city on the planet. We really don't need another sell us down the river Rybucks to pander to outsiders and their interests. We don't need another Sayles-Belton either. We need, practical, realistic, saavy and tough this time - and someone who knows the entire city not just their neighborhood. We can only hope.


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