White House praises Senate-approved budget but debt battle with GOP remains unresolved

  • Article by: ALAN FRAM , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 23, 2013 - 1:10 PM
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hrearden57Mar. 23, 1311:03 AM

This is dems first budget in four years . Insanity.

ikyabwaiMar. 23, 1311:25 AM

Dear GOP/TP - we voted against your budget last November. Please put it in the garbage where it belongs. Bring on the Senate budget!

nogophersMar. 23, 1311:43 AM

This is one of the most irresponsible ideas for a budget I have ever seen. Increase spending without balancing the budget? Back to remedial math class for senate dems.

dewarfMar. 23, 1311:44 AM

So we add $1.6 Trillion in additional debt in the next two years. Notice the liberals don't want to articulate those facts. No wonder the Democratic Senate avoided a budget proposal for the last four years. Those years we added over $1 Trillion per year to our national debt. They now (by a 50-49 party-line vote) think $1.6T over two years is acceptable. Tax and Spend. No other explanation needed.

ubetcha101Mar. 23, 1311:45 AM

Wow, exhausted after one budget in years. Feel so sorry for them!

augsburg54Mar. 23, 1311:46 AM

Let's see...the Democrats have controlled the white house for 4+ years, they've been in control of the Senate for the last four years and it only passed by one vote? Where's the leadership? Where's the mandate that the Democrats claim? In over 4 years of control the Democrats have had zero accomplishments or leadership to speak of other than blaming Bush. The rhetoric is getting old and stale...and your budget accomplishment does nothing to address the deficit but continues to spend more on entitlements paid for on the backs of the 53% of Americans who actually contribute and pay income tax? Rather than continue the NANNY society that we cannot afford as a way of building a voter base with those totally dependant upon government from birth until death, how about passing a budget that addresses the deficit and our national debt? The house has done it and has passed a budgt four years in a row. Follow their lead rather than those of the Nanny society.

agustusMar. 23, 1312:04 PM

So I guess "reducing the debt with a balanced approach" really means "defend the status quo and increase the debt to by less through increased taxes."

moremoretaxMar. 23, 1312:10 PM

Since Obama is still spending money like a drunken sailor (60 million to Syrian opposition, 150 million to Egypt, and 200 million to Jordan in the last two weeks) I hope the GOP stands firm and allows Obamas sequester to expose the massive bloated government under these clueless democrats.

blatherskiteMar. 23, 1312:19 PM

The House can't pass an adoptable budget. The Senate can't pass an adoptable budget. Hence the 13% favor ability rating.

jimmyjames76Mar. 23, 1312:32 PM

Seriously, enough budget stand offs already. The majority of Americans, republican or democrat, see eye to eye on many, many things. Focus on those things, and compromise on the rest. Rich people aren't going to die if they have to pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as the rest of us. If a guy making $50k a year can pay that percentage, someone making $500k can too. The dead beat that's been sitting on unemployment for 3 years isn't going to die if he/she has to go out and find a job either. Neither will the person milking the system on welfare or any other social program.


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