Healthy Wolves top Suns in Phoenix

  • Article by: Jerry Zgoda , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 23, 2013 - 9:47 AM

In an ever-changing rotation, having 12 players made a world of difference.

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ljb6599Mar. 23, 13 9:32 AM

Only when the Wolves start winning against teams that are playoff contenders will I take them seriously....

mccovey69Mar. 23, 1310:53 AM

I will take a win over anyone and be grateful. I am sorry Derrick Williams didn't get more playing time. Not sure what was up with that.

metaltesterMar. 23, 1310:54 AM

nice to see Budinger's outside shot back on the court. This team has the players to be a top ten nba team...injuries killed this season bigtime. I hope Love heals and returns knowing this IS a place where he can win. One really good shooting guard (that can create their own shot anytime) away from being top five team.

snoozecruiseMar. 23, 1311:57 AM

Williams messed up a couple times quite badly at the beginning of the third quarter, especially not getting back on D. Adelman was angry and yanked him. But instead of talking to Williams or having one of the coaches talk to him, sitting him for six or eight minutes to think about his mistakes, and then giving him a chance to self-correct and redeem himself by putting him back in the game, Rick punishes him by sitting him the rest of the game. Very typical for Adelman with certain players, especially ones he targets. I understand yanking Williams and being angry with him, but keeping him out of the rest of the game is as immature as Cousins' antics, not to mention unskillful. If Adelman doesn't want to coach and guide young players AND if he only wants veterans, I'd prefer that he not be the Wolves coach next year. I am hereby benching Adelman, but I'll give him a chance to self-correct. (Hope you're reading, Rick.) I personally don't care for the guy, and despite his record, I won't shed a tear if he retires at the end of the year.

snoozecruiseMar. 23, 1311:59 AM

One more thing about Adelman, I've never seen him yank Love for crying to the refs and not getting back on defense. What's up with that, Rick?

MuddyOasisMar. 23, 13 1:17 PM

Love is superior to Williams, thats what.

snoozecruiseMar. 23, 13 4:32 PM

That may be your way of coaching too, Muddy. Popovich is my model. THE best coach in the NBA by far. Pop doesn't do it your way or Adelman's. Notice who's winning year after year and has multiple championships. Case closed. BTW, do you always have a snarky response? Do you always defend the status quo. Are you always prescient? Amazing arrogance.

slammanMar. 23, 13 5:30 PM

This game shows what this team can do when they have all the working parts. The ball movement was awesome. Add Love, keep Adelman and draft a player that can step in and play...hopefully a shooter, and this team will be fun to watch next season. Pray for a healthy off-season and regular season. Wolves could happen.

MuddyOasisMar. 23, 13 6:39 PM

I don't know Snooze. Anyone who finds reasons to complain in a 30 point win is just looking to complain. I love Pops too. But what do you think he does differently ? He goes with what matchups he thinks are best. Side note, Pops was quoted this year...this very year saying Adelmen was the most underrated coach in the league. So since you don't take my word for it, take his. Adelmen is pretty good. Pops has also had the extremely lucky privelage to have superstars like the Admiral, Duncan, Parker and Manu who completely buy into the system over an extended period of time. Pops is lucky to have those guys...and those guys are lucky to have him.

MuddyOasisMar. 23, 13 6:55 PM

What's arrogant about disagreeing with things other people say or taking issue with other peoples opinions ? I don't say things like case closed or tout 40 years of watching basketball. I state my opinions and disagreements. Dislike em ? Fine. Agree with them ? Fine. I don't call people dumb or arrogant, or think my opinion means more or less than anyone elses. I will say I think someone is making an irrational opinion but that's about it, and again thats only an opinion. I'll just submit the following as the case not being closed in regards to Adelmen: He owns the 8th best winning percentage for those coaches who have coached 500 games. Pops in on the list too at #4. Looking at that list, I'd be hard pressed to complain about anyone on it.


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