U women fall to Ball State in WNIT

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  • Updated: March 23, 2013 - 9:52 AM

Gophers women’s basketball coach Pam Borton said she hoped that a berth and subsequent run in the WNIT would “propel” her team to bigger and better things next season.

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deermenowMar. 22, 13 9:59 PM

Are you kidding me? Will somebody stop the bleeding? Gopher basketball is god awful!

nomorebrewMar. 22, 1310:10 PM

Embarrassing Borton! I hope you and your friends who used to work in Morrill Hall and propped you up are proud of how you drove the program into the ground. Time for a long overdue change Norwood. Go Gophers!

raymondb62Mar. 22, 1310:43 PM

This game was difficult to watch. No defense and little offense. We made no adjustments at the half and when we finally started to make a run at the end, the ladies moved like they were in tar and wasted a bunch of time dribbling around with no decernable play. One bright spot is this horrible showing might goose Teague into finally getting rid of Borton and bringing in someone who can salvage what is left of Banham's college career. Thank you to Katie L and Leah C for their dedication to the program!

regionguyMar. 23, 1312:12 AM

The Gophers outrebound Ball State 42-28, and still lose at home thanks to bad shooting: 30% from the field, with an amazing 16% (3-for-19) for threes (including 0-for-7 by Banham). Banham took a third of the team's total shots, but made only about 25%. And a fine attendance of 963, per ESPN.

acecatMar. 23, 1312:32 AM

Now I know why the U admin scheduled this NIT game up against Gopher men NCAA and Gopher women's hockey Frozen Four -- 963 witnessed the latest Borton debacle -- they were hoping nobody would notice another Borton embarrassment. Teague needs to step up to the plate and do something about this program. When is enough, enough? That might be the smallest crowd ever to watch a women's hoops game in Williams. And all this after Borton's big promise of how this NIT berth was building toward bigger and better things, obviously the players didn't buy in. Come on, Gopher admin, give this program a chance to thrive. Make a stand for better women's basketball in Minnesota. Send Borton packing!

quitwhiningMar. 23, 13 1:33 AM

It was definitely a frustrating game to watch, I am guessing even more so for players and coaches. Predictably, all the Borton haters are now showing up here trying to blame it all on her. Borton has to take her share of the blame but it is not all her fault. Hardly any team wins when they shoot under 30%. The team had a great 21 offensive rebounds but a measly 15 second chance points to go with. The team's best player of at least the last ten years went 5 of 21 (0 of 7 from three) from the field with only two free throw attempts. The coach can't make the shots for them. We are fortunate, however, that Teague and his staff know how to evaluate basketball coaches much better than we all do.

SeaSharkMar. 23, 13 2:40 AM

PAM BORTON couldn't be more wrong when she recently said that some people WANT her to fail. Gopher basketball fans are fed up because she HAS failed and CONTINUES to fail, despite Feb 28's victory against Penn State at Williams Arena. Joel Maturi's decision to reward Borton's failure to take Minnesota to the NCAA Tournament for three (now four) consecutive years with a 2-year contract extension last year was irresponsible and inexcusable. Borton should have been fired when five players left the program in 2006. Instead, Maturi hired a "people skills" consultant to reportedly help Borton relate to players with some authentic humanity, and the rest is history. Nice legacy, Joel. The program has been in free fall decline since 2010 under Borton's tenure and Norwood Teague must fire her immediately to prevent the Gophers women's basketball program from hitting rock bottom. Will the Gophers lose Carlie Wagner, the top gun junior sharpshooter who who has given a verbal commitment to the U and led New Richland to the Class 2A state championship title this month, if Borton isn't fired and the program continues to devolve next season? I admire the loyalty to the program of this year's seniors, but returning players including Rachel Banham can't be blamed for considering whether or not their best interests are served by staying at Minnesota if Teague fails to fire Borton, who has run out of professional credibility and excuses.

krzyktMar. 23, 13 4:23 AM

I think quitwhining summed it up pretty well. We had 18 turnovers. Can't make the players hang on to the ball. Can't make them miss easy put backs. The coaching staff can prepare them strategically for a game but can't force them to execute on the floor. That's the players responsibility and they'd be the first to agree. They were plain and simple out hustled. The coaches can tell players not to look past any team but this is a young group who hasn't quite learned how to handle these situations yet. Neither of the two seniors have had an impact the entire year and tonight was no different. The future of this team is in the underclassman with a ton of talent and size coming in. One of the concerns with firing Borton should actually be will the current kids stay and the future commits stay committed. They have committed to this school mainly because of the coaching staff, at least, that's what people choose to believe when Minnesota kids elect to play elsewhere. Fact remains, had Amanda Zahui arrived at the start of the season and played, we would have been in an entirely different situation. When Riche had to sit because of foul trouble there was noone to fill her shoes. Amanda, 2 incoming guards, a healthy Rachel Banham, healthy Mikayla Bailey and an improved Kayla Hirt will definitely help this team over the hump.

mettlerbullMar. 23, 13 9:13 AM

Well, so much for making the WNIT and playing into March. Coach Borton, nobody's buying what you're selling (Attend. 963). Time to move on to the next town!

ringneck1Mar. 23, 13 9:43 AM

I think the administration has to ask why so many of the top HS girls choose to go elsewhere rather than the U. I would like to know the answer to THAT. It seems like there is nothing keeping them in state. I hear the mens coaches talk about "closing the borders" but it seems that more of the top shelf players go somewhere else ie Dahlman and that 6-9 girl from Esko. Can't find a spot for someone 6-9!!!!!


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