Twin Cities auto dealerships are hiring as sales climb

  • Article by: ADAM BELZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 23, 2013 - 7:14 AM

With pent-up demand fueling vehicle sales, dealerships are racing to add salespeople.

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FrankLMar. 22, 13 9:27 PM

Why don't they just speed up the selling process. Once I have decided on a vehicle and a price, it should take no more than 15 minutes to fill out the paperwork. I've had house closings go faster than buying a car.

supervon2Mar. 22, 13 9:32 PM

I noticed that they have not opened any of the ones that were forced to close when Obama took over the motor industry. I guess the remaining ones were good contributors.

chuckdancerMar. 23, 1312:42 AM

And to think the boys wanted to have the domestic manufacturers liquidated to satisfy their ideology. Though the boys will never admit it, the money used to prop up this critical American industry was well placed, well timed and now paying off handsomely. Sorry boys, you were wrong again.

minnelusaMar. 23, 13 1:17 AM

Motor industry ?? Just which "motor" industry did Obama take over....supervon2??? And how did you notice it?

roar04Mar. 23, 13 6:53 AM

Business is better, I have been in it for 28 years. To FrankL, We all wish the paperwork would go faster, every year the state, feds and lenders pile on more and this makes the process slower, drives all of us crazy!

heckyousayMar. 23, 13 8:25 AM

roar04: Hate to be critical, but the paperwork blizzard is used by *some* dealerships to confuse and confound the consumer at time of purchase, such as the "extended service" contracts a dealership slipped into the pile of papers when my daughter went to pick up her new car. I couldn't be there that day, and they charged her another $3500 over and above the agreed-upon amount by selling her a bogus warranty that had never been discussed. We got the contract cancelled, but I'll never do business with THAT dealership group again! There are a few dealerships out there that deal honestly with the customer, but for the most part, better keep a close grip on your wallet when you walk in the door!

sidhartmannMar. 23, 1310:25 AM

Heckyousay, everyone in society is a victim. The state regulates this very closely, including the paperwork. Some dealerships even have cameras in closings to prove the added services were not "packed". Sometimes the consumer needs to make a smart decision and be responsible for it.

dlfriesenMar. 23, 1310:27 AM

I need to shop for a new auto this very weekend. Reading this article simply depresses me all the more. What a dreadful process.

mrprogressiveMar. 23, 1310:35 AM

chuckdancer - This article about about foreign cars that support a foreign country which attacked us (Japan). This has nothing to do with the Chrysler or GM bailouts as the article did not mention anything about sales at domestic dealers. From this article, all that one can conclude is that sales at Carlson Toyota in Coon Rapids are up.

heckyousayMar. 24, 13 3:11 AM

re: "Sometimes the consumer needs to make a smart decision and be responsible for it." -- And sometimes the dealership needs to adhere to the negotiated and agreed-upon deal."

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