Timberwolves get Budinger back but lose to Kings 101-98

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA
  • Updated: March 22, 2013 - 2:49 AM

The Wolves’ wing returned from a knee injury and was pleased with how he felt if not the result.

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jaybarMar. 22, 13 1:05 AM

In three-point shots tonight the Wolves went 1 for 19. That's ONE FOR NINETEEN! And the new guy got the one. Good lord.

snoozecruiseMar. 22, 13 1:22 AM

Even with Love back, this team, as it is, will have a rough time capturing the eighth seed next year. We lack athleticism, especially upfront. The more I watch of Pek, the more his signing value must be going down. He is so limited offensively, and defensively he is worse. Unless he develops a face to the basket game this summer, he doesn't have much to offer. He's thrown up lots and lots of horrible shots this year, seldom makes his baseline half-hook, gets blocked regularly, intimidated into not shooting, as well as out-rebounded. He could be a good backup center, though. Throw in Love with him, and we have THE slowest power forward/center combination in the leauge, perhaps since the 1950's. They are also toward the bottom in terms of interior defense and at the very bottom in terms of shot blocking and altering. They are both near the bottom in terms of jumping ability and athleticim. In terms of Williams, what a slow learner he is! Continues to fire threes when he could dribble in a couple steps and shoot and perhaps make a two. His release is funky, which is why his shot is wildly consistent.Funky releases are not reliable (remember Ray Williams?). His form is most horrible from beyond the three. Do any of the nine assistant coaches have the ability to correct his form? If not, I am available and will do so for free--well, maybe for one front row ticket for one game. Rubio's shooting form is better; he needs to add six inches of arc, and I bet he will be shooting over forty percent next year. I'm glad he's taking lots of shots the remaining of this futile year because he's learning a lot about his form from both his misses and makes. I can't think of a slower more unathletic team than the Wolves, and in a league that is faster and more athletic each year, 2014 playoff optimism should be quite tempered. Which of the current top eight aren't going to be in the playoffs next year? Finally, Couisins has to be the biggest baby in the league. I can barely stomach his theatrics for one game. Wish we had his talanet by not his court demeanor. Someone needs to treat him how to be a professional on the court. I am available for free.

northstars91Mar. 22, 13 1:23 AM

1 for 19 on three point attempts?????? I don't play basketball, and even I could do better than that.

northstars91Mar. 22, 13 2:22 AM

Nice to see Corey Brewer becoming one of the better players in the league, typical now that he plays for someone else... Of course the Wolves can't wait to trade Derrick Williams fast enough to another team so that he can have a promising career elsewhere...

oxboardMar. 22, 13 6:50 AM

is it the coach who can't teach defense or the players who can't play it? coaches who can't teach how to shoot, or players who can't shoot?. This coach always says the same thing before and after the games. Before "oh there a tough team and we have to play good ball...after well we have to LEARN to stop them?? The wolves are mostly a D league team with a couple of real NBA type players

MuddyOasisMar. 22, 13 7:06 AM

Snooze - Pek is shooting over 50% from the field. However limited you think he is offensively, the numbers tell a different story.

nessmessMar. 22, 13 7:08 AM

T-wolves need solid 3-point shooting.... I wonder if the kid from Creighton or Olidapo (Indiana) would help this situation...

MuddyOasisMar. 22, 13 7:16 AM

Only 2 centers who average more than 10 shots per game like Pek shoot at a higher clip...Brook Lopez and Dwight Howard. Of the centers who shoot at a higher clip than Pek again only Brook and Howard get to the line more. And if including rebounding, Pek takes Brook. If you look at assists too, then Marc Gasol shreds them all. So basically of the offensive minded centers Pek is really top 3. Overall he might drop but his offensive game is top notch among centers.

nessmessMar. 22, 13 7:22 AM

If Love and Peck are so slow, I say trade both of them "Blow up team" and start from the beginning once again.... I keep seeing the comment "Even with Love back, they (wolves) will suck", then trade him if he is of no use to the team.... I believe LA and a few other teams have inquired about trades (I bet love will be gone anyway, once his contract allows). Perhap's D-will would eventually be a better, more athletic PF for wolves...

nessmessMar. 22, 13 7:31 AM

Basically, Center is the toughest position to fill in NBA... We have a center which is better than 75% of centers in NBA, Is he worth $12 million/year, No way, but he is the best center we have had as far back as I can remember (darko doesn't count, he gave up trying)....


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