House committee passes stripped-down gun background checks bill

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 21, 2013 - 9:58 PM

The House measure would extend background checks only to private sales that are made at gun shows.

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sw6906Mar. 21, 1310:38 PM

Gunshow only background checks? Useless feel-good legislation. I take my gun to a show, talk with a prospective buyer, then leave the show to complete the transaction. Pretty soon we'll be hearing about the dreaded "Gunshow Background Check Step Outside loophole".

jarlmnMar. 21, 1310:49 PM

Despite our sociopolitical rift already being at an all-time high in this country, even without the gun issue, Paymar and his ilk blithely force the rift ever-wider, simply to pass their firearms-phobic feel-good, do-nothing anti-gun agenda. Never mind just the NRA. For every member, there are dozens and dozens of peaceful gun-owning citizens, totally fed-up, if not hopping mad, with being held accountable by liberals for the lawless acts of gang-bangers and crazies. Pusillanimous Paymar dictatorial and scheming conduct during these hearings has been deplorable. I trust that his constituents will hand this unprincipled and self-important bounder his walking papers, come next election.

jshubergMar. 21, 1311:26 PM

According to the Dept of Justice, 0.7% of guns used in crime were acquired at a gun show. 78.8% were acquired illegally, or through friends or family members. The idea that there is a "gun show loophole" that is somehow responsible for crime is an absolutely false assertion. Those few criminals who have acquired firearms through gun shows can much more easily acquire them illegally on the street. Implementing additional background checks will have absolutely zero effect on crime, but will financially burden law-abiding gun owners with additional processes and fees. This is an anti-gun owner bill, not an anti-crime bill.

serfdumbMar. 21, 1311:37 PM

...Produced a stripped-down bill Thursday that extends checks only to private sales made at gun shows. - We should be so proud of our absentee legislators. Did they take a vacation to Illinois? Gang bangers, felons, and Illegals will be flocking to registration sites to either register or purchase "Legal" guns. I am so proud of the noodle back citizens that pushed for that. Remember, the government gave the "Native Americans" liquor and beads for their land. How did that work out... When you are running, I will not shoot the person behind you...

steavis61067Mar. 21, 1311:39 PM

If you think that the NRA has only the republican party in their pocket, then you don't read. Even Harry Reid is endorsed (and funded) by the NRA. Wake up.

comment229Mar. 22, 13 5:01 AM

sw6906: I'll play the devil's advocate on your comment. Awhile back someone suggested legislation that would require gun owners to be liable for their weapons, requiring them to have insurance on all guns. If the gun was not registered, the person using it would be responsible for anything/everything pertaining to that gun. If your gun was registered, and you sold it to that person, outside the door, then you would be liable. This is similar to the little card on car titles that needs to be filled out when you sell it, to document everything in case the purchaser has an accident on the way home. This kind of legislation would put the problem/solution where it should be; on the seller and purchaser. If it was in effect and the law, would you be so ready to sell that gun outside?

EleanoreMar. 22, 13 5:44 AM

Party representatives as effective as ever, wasting taxpayer dollars and missing the common sense solution entirely. I'd like to see the investigation of the reported violation of the open meeting law, the tribune named "non-meeting' where agreements were made concerning bill crafting and information gathering, followed through to the limt. We can't give him a pass on this apperent abuse of the citizenry.

owatonnabillMar. 22, 13 5:50 AM

It is as owatonnabill and many others predicted all along--the Democrats get a Pyrrhic victory, if even that. Minnesota has a heavily DFL House and Senate along with a DFL governor and could pass anything they want if they stick together. The fact that this window-dressing bill, which will undoubtedly be chopped up even more when it hits the House floor, is all they think they can get after all the trumpeting and wailing we've heard in recent weeks is proof positive of where Minnesotans come down on this issue. Legislators vote their constituencies or they're not legislators come next election. Despite what we hear and read in the media, reality is that most people can think, and most thinking people vote. And the legislators, Democrat AND Republican, are obviously listening to the people who vote.

EleanoreMar. 22, 13 7:00 AM

" If it was in effect and the law, would you be so ready to sell that gun outside?" - Is there any way we can start placing blame for acts on the place where it belongs, the person making the decision to use a gun illegally, rather than "it everyone else's fault and the non-responsible must be responsible? This sounds like cheap lawyers looking for the deep pockets sugar daddy in a liability case where someone chooses a poor path. It's not the gins fault, or the cars, or the beers, it the person who made the choice and them alone. Responsibility is something more people than I thought know nothing about.

EleanoreMar. 22, 13 7:04 AM

I wish we held elected officials responsible for their acts but we clearly don't. Twins stadium, Vikings stadium, this nonsense. They seem to regularly get a free pass from society and we and our families are the ones who pay for it with our lives and our treasure. What a world, what a world. So a question, it seems like all this is going to do is reduce the number of people at gun shows, those who choose not to go through the permitting process. I'm thinking there's an oppotunity here for some new venue which is not a gun show, sort of like a non-meeting, where people meet and sell whatever they want. We could call them economic development events.


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