Chicago's homicide rate plummets as police put hundreds of officers on overtime on the street

  • Article by: DON BABWIN , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 20, 2013 - 11:39 PM
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A440Mar. 20, 13 2:00 PM

What? Instead of going after law abiding citizens, they brought out the gang busters? Why on Earth didn't someone think of this before?

EleanoreMar. 20, 13 2:02 PM

This says to americans all you need to reduce crime is carry a gun. That's the democratic party message now? Does the media actually have a copy of the playbook, aren't headlines like this going to send some mixed messages?

efrik1Mar. 20, 13 2:37 PM

This is great but the inherent, nagging problem still exists: 80% of the police force is tied up with 20% of the population.

JP55901Mar. 20, 13 2:48 PM

@Eleanore: Where does it say that all that is needed to reduce crime is for people to carry guns? The republicans that are against universal background checks, clip limits, an assault weapon ban, etc. say the "bad guys" will still get guns. So, in your world if the criminals already have guns, shouldn't there be less crime and violence now? Of course the answer is no. But, having trained police officers, who, by the way carry guns and are trained to use them, seems to be working in Chicago to lower the rate of homicides.

kimi08Mar. 20, 13 2:58 PM

@JP55901 I think that is what Elanore meant. More *good guys* with guns(in this case the police) means lower violence.

EleanoreMar. 20, 13 3:08 PM

"But, having trained police officers, who, by the way carry guns and are trained to use them, seems to be working in Chicago to lower the rate of homicides." - you said it yourself, an armend populace is a safer populace. Not at all a lesson one would expect coming from Chicago, or the tribune, is it?

yardboyMar. 20, 13 3:22 PM

With $6 Trillion dollars of additional debt, I am sure Sen. Durbin will find some taxpayer money laying around somewhere and get that money back to IL. I mean come on, we are talking about Chicago and the Police Union here.

alagnakMar. 20, 13 3:25 PM

It's only MILLIONS each month- no big deal! Hopefully they don't take the playbook from the California prison workers and create thier own riots and problems just so they can keep soaking up overtime.................

dahouseMar. 20, 13 4:03 PM

So to clear this up...Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws but they have done nothing to reduce the crime then they increase police presence and the murder rate drops. The lesson learned by some is we need more gun laws? OK Got it. If your concerned about the money maybe it makes sense to increase the sales tax in the areas that need the extra enforcement to pay for it instead of the new gun and ammo tax in areas outside the problem areas.

JP55901Mar. 20, 13 4:15 PM

@Eleanore: Yes, TRAINED POLICE OFFICERS carrying guns seems to be working to curb the homicide rate in Chicago. It doesn't mean that everybody who thinks he is John Wayne should have a gun.


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