House DFLers abandon universal background checks for gun buyers

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 20, 2013 - 8:02 AM

Efforts to expand background checks to gun shows remained alive after House DFLers forced a compromise.

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viqueenfailMar. 19, 13 9:47 PM

Yup. We're just not that sure that we want to prevent ALL felons and dangerously mentally ill people from buying a gun. Maybe just some of them instead.

duckhook101Mar. 19, 13 9:57 PM

I'm guessing that those already predisposed to criminal behavior will ignore this law along with the multitude of other gun laws they already routinely ignore. It will do NOTHING to keep criminals from accessing any gun they want.

shushyn78Mar. 19, 1310:10 PM

I would expect that Rep. Paymar attended the huge gun show at the State fairgrounds this past weekend. Everywhere I looked it was shoulder to shoulder with people saying "excuse me" or "pardon me" as we meandered our way through the Coliseum. I had my eye open for all this nefarious activity that was supposed to be taking place. Even the police officer looked bored. Leave us good people alone Rep. Paymar. We are not the problem.

miskitoMar. 19, 1310:14 PM

FYI: I went to Home Depot to buy spray paint at the Quarry which was under lock and key. Upon purchasing I had to answer questions and produce an id. What kind of society do we live in when I can purchase military weapons and ammunition without a background check? Over 1 MILLION fellow citizens have died from gunfire in the good old USA since 1980. Why are our "legislators" afraid of the NRA?

ginny6Mar. 19, 1310:32 PM

Why is it always on the Democrats? Are there no Republicans who support this? Who are they representing? 91% of the public supports this!

mnnimrodMar. 19, 1310:45 PM

We the voters will never forget. Once and for all you the DFL has shown its true colors. Tax and regulate,, we are not a nanny state. There are laws on the books that prevent felons from having guns. More laws will not prevent them from doing so. You are only trying to control the 100's of thousands of law abiding gun owning Minnesotans. Male, female, republicans, democrats, independents. We will not forget what you are trying to do and you best not forget we decide who gets elected.

foneboothMar. 19, 1310:49 PM

Apparently some people have much to fear from background checks. I want to start a new more motor vehicle registration. It has been argued on these pages that cars kill people too. If that is the case, we need to stop registering these dangerous instruments before the government comes and takes them away.

jarlmnMar. 19, 1310:50 PM

Paymar is full of rubbish and of unfettered ego! He desperately WANTED a feel-good, do-nothing "easy solution" and tried to bully even his very own DLF colleagues into ignoring DFL Rep. Debra Hilstrom's more sensible bill. Paymar's personal conduct during the hearings was dictatorial and deplorable. Further, Paymar and other of his supporters, some "politician policemen" who should know better among them, evidence a decided lack of knowledge about how criminals actually acquire guns. If Rep. Hilstrom's bill would be heard over the objections of Paymars ego, DFL'ers and others, would indeed have reached an agreement.

phatcatpatMar. 19, 1310:56 PM

viqueenfail - It is illegal for felons to own guns. I am sorry to have to tell you that. When criminals who sell guns run background checks on other criminals I will take you seriously. Now, tell us how a background check will uncover someone will suffer from mental illness in the future. And, is making our medical records public violation of our rights or not?

mankato58Mar. 19, 1311:04 PM

I applaud my friends for their tireless work work to keep beating this anti freedom, reactionary, nonsense back. When all is said and done freedom loving Americans will win!


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