Wild made moves early, so could be quiet before trade deadline

  • Article by: Michael Russo , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 20, 2013 - 5:55 AM

Niklas Backstrom and Matt Cullen are not going to be traded, Wild GM says.

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northsportsMar. 19, 1310:26 PM

Notice the mention of Getzlaf, Penner and Perry and then figure out what they have in common. Three big tough talented power forwards and they win the cup. Check out the Kings forwards from last years SC run and they had a group of big tough talented power forwards. The Wild are too small and too fragile to make a legitimate SC run and need to make the proper adjustments. They also need a big tough right "D" to play top four minutes with Brodin(Lidstrom Jr.) who can also watch his back or he is likely to never develop into the player he can be as he is in serious jepoardy of getting his career ended before it even barely begins. He has been run way too many times and NO ONE does anything about it. The kid is a franchise player if he survives and granlund needs a big power forward LW to play next to him also to watch his back, dig pucks off the boards and play screen tip and rebound hockey. Detroit has been the class of the league for years with their 3 big, tough and talented leftwings who know how to play along the boards and in the paint. Holmstrom retired which leaves them with just 2 but the point is that SC championship teams have very good power forward play and the Wild is soft in that area. I have to give Coyle credit for the progress he has made in that area but we are too small and too fragile up front in general and could use one more top tough goodsized rt. "D" to play with Brodin. No one would be running Brodin if he were playing for LA and had Matt Green for a partner !

hellonameMar. 19, 1311:08 PM

We already know Lord Fletch is a Wizard, if he can swap PMB for ANYTHING, he might reveal himself to be a true warlock. Get it done, in Fletch we trust

clinto1054Mar. 19, 1311:12 PM

Going to burn out Backstrom with fatigue or injury any day now.......maybe play one of these other guys so they can give him a break. Is Harding done for the year?

caferevMar. 20, 1312:04 AM

With ya, Helloname: Can't wait to see Bouchard wearing a different sweater. This contract of his has been a nightmare for four years! This concussion saga has been maddening! (Note to Wild fans: Jason Zucker has just as many concussions as PMB, and one two months more recent. Yet, watch him play.) And now PMB's just clogging up the pipeline for guys like Zucker and Larsson while he tip-toes through the tulips every night, collecting glory points from afar. (Hey, I think I'll pass it to Matt Cullen in my own end and let him and Seto play tick-tack-toe all the way up the ice while I collect an "assist.") He needs to go east. He'll be invisible against playoff teams. Give me the thumb downs, boys! At least I won't sugarcoat it. Bouchard is slow, soft, and vastly overrated at this stage of his career. I mean, there is no more "comeback" or "turning the corner." This is who he IS at this stage of his career.

sgjsdadMar. 20, 13 6:33 AM

clinto1054, Josh Harding may be done for his career. MS is nasty stuff. Playing hockey with MS seemed like a longshot even when everyone was saying things like if its managed right he'll be able to play.

clinto1054Mar. 20, 13 7:57 AM

sgjsdad - I'm with you on that for sure - just really miss the guy and the way he was playing.

rodeoguyMar. 20, 13 7:58 AM

Fletcher knows what he is doing, AND WILL ADD AND SUBTRACT as needed.We do have extra d's assuming Scandella and Dumba WILL MAKE THE TEAM NEXT YEAR.

heathercpsMar. 20, 13 8:05 AM

Northsports - I think they're brought up because they were recently signed. How about the 04 Tampa Bay Lightning team? They also won a SC with players that are smaller and faster - Marty St. Louis is 5'9, Lecavalier is 6'4 (but a relatively scrawny 208 at the time), Dan Boyle (arguably their best D) is only 5'11. Big doesn't necessarily mean better. Speed and smarts can outplay big any day.

northsportsMar. 20, 13 9:15 AM

Lecavier may have been 208 but he was 6-4 and could fight very well so he was and is able to watch St. Louis back. Boyle is plain tough and far from small and fragile which is an issue with the Wild. By the way, St. Louis may be small but he is also tough and far from fragile. The real issue with the Wild is the lack of team toughness as you can run Granlund, Zucker, Brodin and even Parise was blatantly crosschecked from behind head first into the boards 5 mins. into the 2nd Colorado game the other night and nobody did boo about it. The Wild lack the team toughness it takes to win and a top big rt. "D" to play with Brodin and a top tough LW to play with Cullen for now and Granlund down the road, pretty much fixes the issue. The team also has the extra talent to make a couple of trades to upgrade it's talent in these two areas and make a legit SC run this year. It would be foolish to sit on your hands at this time if the right deal comes along for PMB, Scandella/Falk, Spurgeon and/or one of the young goalies in our pool as we have 4 good ones between the AHL, college and Europe. Trading 4 players to get 2 upgrades is what good GMs do to win cups and it can be done with actually adding to the talent pool for a long time. If you add Matt Greene and Lucic to the Wild's roster we are cup favorites right now. Those 2 are probably not available so the trick is to identify 2 young up and coming Matt Greene/ Milan Lucic type of players and try to trade for them. We are 2 chess moves away from a legit cup run this year and it needs to be seriously considered and targeted as these oportunities do not come by every year. Do we have too many SC banners in the rafters at the "X" that we can just sit and wait when we can make a serious run without hurting the future of the franchise and possibly enhance it ? One of the huge advantages of having a good talent pool is to be able to trade 2 for 1 and upgrade which we could possibly do here and have a parade the end of June to boot !!!

downsideupMar. 20, 13 9:35 AM

"“If they can get this experience, it’ll make them and our team better down the road,” Fletcher said."-----Funny, I saw this and knew there would be at least one "win it now" guy here. Yep, northsports did not disappoint. So many people believe in "win it now, or our GM sucks". They are poised to make a run. How far? Who knows. But you don't trade the future when you are poised to be good for several years. But there is always one knuclehead who thinks he knows more than the GM.


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