Pope Francis outlines priorities at papacy's start: Protecting nature, the weak and the poor

  • Article by: NICOLE WINFIELD , Associated Press
  • Updated: March 19, 2013 - 10:35 PM
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guessagainMar. 19, 1310:01 AM

That's not going to go over well with the far right! Pope Francis is obviously a liberal like Jesus was.

oimmigrationMar. 19, 1310:14 AM

The far right is not always right, nor is the far left. But the middle course is usually best. But I agree with Pope Francis on these principles of protecting nature, the weak and the poor.

nomedsMar. 19, 1310:25 AM

Breaking news, the conservative catholics are leaving the Catholic church in groves.

cinemajayMar. 19, 1311:08 AM

He's a socialist, just like his Savior!

falcon1681Mar. 19, 1311:09 AM

Tea party Catholics are going to hate this guy.

bannedmuggsMar. 19, 1312:07 PM

Good to see the haters are hating. First, there is no such thing as a conservative Catholic. We practicing Catholics, such as Pope Francis, are the ones you call "conservative Catholics". We are the ones that actually believe and practice the teachings of the Church unlike what Blessed Pope John Paul II called the "cafeteria Catholics". I hate to break the news to you, Catholics have been helping the poor and weak for centuries. Pope Francis knows this and wants to continue the course. Helping the poor and week is nothing new to Catholics and the work we do in a month, most religions and governments don't do in a year. The commentators call names like far right Catholics or Tea Party Catholics. How crazy - because this pope (and all popes) fall into that definition. Those of us who practice the Faith. Every true Catholic I know either donates a great deal of money or time to those less fortunate both at home and abroad. Those are the people you are calling names. falcon1681, cinemajay,nomeds,guessagain, what have you done for the poor and week lately? Think about Matthew's Gospel reading the pope used today. My Catholic sisters and brothers, who your calling out, do a ton.

plopcornzMar. 19, 1312:08 PM

Wow if the Church actually focused on those issues, vs. political ones, people might not be so crazy on either side of their debates. why do people complain? if the church guides people to take care of the poor,sick and needy, then your government DOESN'T HAVE TO!

cinemajayMar. 19, 1312:39 PM

bannedmuggs, you seem to miss my point entirely. Calling him (and Christ) socialists is a GOOD thing. They take care of the poor and are champions of social justice to be emulated.

ronpaulMar. 19, 1312:40 PM

Why doesn't he urge protection of altar boys?

castawangMar. 19, 1312:44 PM

It's about time somebody started urging the protection of nature.


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