A gun at 14, then a senseless killing

  • Article by: Maya Rao and Matt McKinney , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: March 19, 2013 - 4:56 PM

Two young lives are swept away in Minneapolis by a relentless flow of illegal firearms.

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senjh23Mar. 17, 1312:18 AM

Senseless and evil to allow this to continue. Gutless legislators, cowed by the classically immoral NRA and pushed by paranoid and stupid gun-owners who care more about making excessively greedy gun manufacturers rich than about the lives of young kids. Hunters should have the right to their hunter's guns, but their Pavlovian resistance to slowing down the circulation of killer guns to potential killers of kids is asinine.

lovelibertyMar. 17, 13 1:20 AM

A well written account of a sad tale. Given the political debate surrounding guns, I can't but not imagine this article is agenda driven. I would like to point out, that the currently proposed legislation would do nothing to change the outcome of this tragedy. It would however, infringe on the civil rights of law abiding Americans. How is it anything but obvious that the guns involved in this violence are but an effective but misused tool. The real problems that needs addressing are obviously much deeper and much more difficult.

johndontMar. 17, 13 2:17 AM

from the article "As they struggle to prevent more teen funerals and prison terms, Dukes and other community leaders say the raging debate over gun control must include the bloodshed in the nation’s cities being stoked by a flourishing, illicit gun trade."

where there is demand....supply will follow. The bloodshed in the nation's cities are not stoked by a flourishing, illicit gun trade, they are stoked by the demand for handguns from gangbangers and the bloodshed is a result of those gangbangers willing to shoot others at the drop of a hat. We don't see young people across the board throughout the Twin Cities area being influenced by a flourishing, illicit gun trade. Come on, get real!

minn12Mar. 17, 13 4:34 AM

While tragic, this death illustrates the folly of 'gun control'. Everything about this young killer having this gun is ALREADY illegal, against many existing laws. Does anyone with an ounce of common sense actually still think passing even MORE laws will prevent such shootings? Of course not. As we have pointed out a hundred times, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Stories like this just prove the point.

brokenclockMar. 17, 13 4:56 AM

This is a tough article to comment on but I feel obliged to try. I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps and was in hot spots all over the world including Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. One thing I found out early – kids are killers. When they’ve been brutalized and become numb to the violence and chaos around them, they lose their soul and their fear of consequences. Give them a gun and they’ll kill you in a heartbeat. Now we’re seeing it in America. Why? Forty years of liberal progressive mumbo jumbo that has left an entire generation without an education or a moral compass. This article is clearly written to blame guns and advocate for more gun laws. It has done just the opposite. These paragraphs are full of violations of existing gun laws and they didn’t make a difference. It’s already illegal for teenagers to possess guns much less carry them on the street. They didn’t buy these guns from a legal source. None of these kids went through background checks or training or fingerprinting like law abiding owners do. In Chicago, where guns are banned, all Malcolm Jackson had to do was “ask around” and he had one. I’ve seen dead kids. It’s horrible and my heart goes out to the families and neighborhoods for their losses. But are we to believe that passing more gun laws would have any affect on any of this? I don’t believe it will. All over the world, in places where guns are forbidden, the bad guys always have them. I’ve seen it. Our problems are much deeper than that. But that won’t stop the left from trotting out the same old tripe about “doing something”. Instead of admitting their ideas haven’t worked, they’ll double down and send us all on a guilt trip. This Strib article is a classic example of that.

arspartzMar. 17, 13 5:06 AM

Nice leading, one sided headline. You make it sound like these kids would be little angels if there were no guns. The problem is the violent culture they live in, not the access to guns.

zimmy11Mar. 17, 13 6:22 AM

When I was 14, we made gun racks in shop class at a public school. Every kid in my neighborhood had a gun rack in his bedroom. he had at least a .22, and shotgun. Some had the deer rifle. These guns were not locked up nor was the ammo. We did not shoot each other. My neighborhood was poor working class. There were many fist fights in the street, yet nobody even thought of shooting someone. Then again, DAD taught us about guns.

elkiddMar. 17, 13 6:27 AM

what a sad story, a 14 year old kid buys a gun for 300 bucks , what did you think he was going to do with it , play spin the bottle, wake up people

FrankLMar. 17, 13 6:31 AM

This is not a gun problem. It is a BEHAVIOR problem! All my neighbors have guns, yet there has never been a killing in our neighborhood.

baw626Mar. 17, 13 6:42 AM

It amazes me that stories like this can be written where a kid involved in gang activity makes an illegal purchase of a firearm and people are still advocating for solutions that wont work. SF1359 sits idle in our legislature because extremist liberals don't care about real solutions. A bill with almost 100 cosponsors that is certain to pass is getting passed up and guess what, people should be ashamed. That bill would crack down on this EXACT behavior: a straw purchase and sale to an ineligible buyer. This kid knew how to get his gun. He wasn't going to go through a background check ever because he knew he didn't need to. I seriously hope people take the time and read this article then call and complain. SF1359 deserves a vote. We don't need New York solutions to Minnesota problems. They haven't worked in the past and they won't work here. Such a sad story.


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