St. Paul studying 18 possible routes for future streetcars

  • Article by: Kevin Duchschere , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 15, 2013 - 10:25 PM

Planners hope streetcars can build transit options for light rail and also encourage development. The city is studying 18 possible routes.

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supervon2Mar. 15, 1310:08 PM

We hear about budget crunch but Saint Paul didn't receive the memo yet. Can you please make certain the Mayor get his mail? I don't think they have internet at City Hall yet.

essmo2Mar. 16, 1312:23 AM

"Tax Hike"for another boondoggle We have already seen what the Central Corridor has done for St Paul business Think twice before supporting this feel good fraud

jcinmnMar. 16, 13 4:35 AM

"“St. Paul’s residents deserve a world-class transportation system, and streetcars certainly have that potential,” Campbell said." WHAT? You plan on a 19th century solution to a 21st Century problem? Why did people abandon streetcars in the 50's? Was it that they were infatuated with the automobile or that it provided a faster way to get from point a to point b? Do you really think that people are going to abandon the automobile to go back to the plodding old streetcar that stops at every block to pick up and drop off? The only way you're thinking this way is because "free" Federal dollars are available. Think about what you'd do if you had to pay every last penny yourself.

evolve143Mar. 16, 13 4:38 AM

30-60MM per mile and they share the roads with automobiles? Just because people perfer to ride a train? What a joke. Ride the much cheaper buses that can go anywhere and are not restricted to rails.

yardboyMar. 16, 13 5:57 AM

"Mayor Chris Coleman strongly supports that transit tax hike." Is anyone really surprised by this???

yardboyMar. 16, 13 6:15 AM

Automobiles, motorcycles, buses, light-rail trains, bicycles, pedestrians, and now the possibility of street cars all using some of the same stretches of road? We have bike lanes, bus lanes, automobile lanes , LRT tracks, and crosswalks and some wonder why we have so many accidents and congestion???

texas_technomanMar. 16, 13 6:26 AM

Hope it's not the same folks that came up with the University Avenue plan.

mn2niceMar. 16, 13 7:11 AM

Good grief, do you people ever think in a positive light? Always the naysayers. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. The twin cities metro region and the state are recovering faster than the rest of the country. Job growth in the metro has resulted in over 16,000 new jobs. The headlines in the paper point to a growing economy here, lots of new development is taking shape in downtown Minneapolis, we are building a new stadium which will create new jobs, and a brand new hotel just opened at MOA, which brought new jobs to Bloomington. People are begining to plan for the future, and already there are those who can only speak in negative terms. ----- essmo2, there have been no boondoggles in transportation in the metro with light rail, only successes. Hiawatha continues to show increases in ridership year after year. Central Corridor is poised to open in just over a year and will likely show the same if not better ridership than Hiawatha. Both are sound investments in our future, and all you can muster is the same old tired mantra against new infrastructure investment. You need to come up with better arguments than that, because that dog don't bark.

monkeyplanetMar. 16, 13 8:35 AM

You can always count on any article about alternative transportation to bring out the crowd that's comically irate about any such alternative. Dependence on the automobile is like some kind of religion for them. No matter how many rational arguments you make (trains take people off the roads, thereby making room for others; trains aren't subject to traffic gridlock, etc.), they will invent all kinds of fatuous reasons why trains are somehow bad. Never mind that every major city in the world relies to some extent on a train system. Never mind that whole countries (France, Japan) have extensive rail networks that are popular, fast, and comfortable. No - for this crowd we must all bow down to the almighty internal combustion engine.

elkriverscottMar. 16, 1310:24 AM

Socialism is a grand idea, until you run out of other people's money. You will NEVER see a story showing the actual cost of each ride and the money they pay. You will NEVER see a story on how much the passenger pays for a bus ride and the actual cost. If you did, you might conclude these are a financial disaster. Fortunately when inflation skyrockets and the dollar begins it's collapse, this nonsense will look economically idiotic, which it is. The proponents of this utopia have very little economic education. The proponents don't use public transportation. Ask around. How about 20-30 bucks a head, one way? No numbers. Just talk.


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