Budget cut proposal hits Minneapolis schools

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 15, 2013 - 9:33 PM

More than half of Minneapolis public schools will get less money than last year, according to preliminary budgets.

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hmmmplsMar. 15, 13 9:41 PM

Enjoy that great new HQ.

supervon2Mar. 15, 1310:04 PM

I bet there are not any cuts to the welfare operation. That buys far more votes from the unmotivated.

avejoeconMar. 15, 1310:19 PM

Hmmm.... The Legislature and Governor are all Democratic. And there are Funding cuts to the Schools. wondering, just wondering where are all the lefties commenting on budget cuts for education???

dtmonkeyboyMar. 15, 1310:19 PM

The two commenters prior to this are completely u informed. They must have gone to suburban schools and been brainwashed. If you did your homework you would know the new headquarters actually Costs less than the old one. And, you would also know that the school board budget has nothing to do with welfare...in fact neither does the city budget...but it is easier to simply place blame than actually be smart and informed.

virusdotexeMar. 15, 1311:11 PM

The property taxpayers in the city of Minneapolis are turnips from whence no more blood can be squeezed. Every year the city, county, park board and school board take bigger bites out of the property owners. Assessed values may go up or down, but the total taxes always increase without fail. Sooner or later the budgets need to stop growing or an alternative funding source needs to be found.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 15, 1311:14 PM

Why is it we always hear, "Cuts", and later find out "Cut" actually means a cut in the spending increase?

ireadstribMar. 15, 1311:33 PM

Be sure to ask you board members and superintendent how much funding has gone to teacher evaluation. How many people were hired to go and observe teachers? There was plenty of funding allocated for this process, hiring scads of people who don't work directly with students, (to eventually provide bad reviews of teachers in order to drive them out of the district and replace with temp. teachers) but now they need to cut social workers and teacher positions. Ridiculous. Wake up Minneapolis, they're trying to privatize/charterize the whole district, just like Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia,, Denver, Milwaukee, and many more cities. Public schools will be replaced with a bunch of cheap drill and kill schools will soon replace quality and equitable public schools will be eliminated...but where will,that public school funding go? Into the hands of charters with low paid overworked teachers, and high page CEOs, education is lucrative business, the thieves have moved in! MTS, KIPP, Harvest, BEST, MN School of Science (a Gulen School), Hiawatha Academy are all charters using public $ and not providing students with an equitable education. Underfund the authentic public schools and destroy them and hand them over to charters with private interests, this is the plan.

essmo2Mar. 16, 1312:08 AM

Just another reason to leave the Minneapolis school system. With the highest per student state expenditure and dismal results it stands to reason that parties involved be called to task. The "cuts" or lack of funding increases are more than justified

callmeronMar. 16, 13 1:06 AM

Minneapolis has among the HIGHEST per-student spending in the state (in the nation, actually) and has the WORST student school performance. More money = worse results and Democrats continuously tell us we need to spend more money than the $16,000 per student per year that is already spent in these inner city dumps. Why is that? Because teachers are unionized. Teachers pay dues. The unions use the money collected from dues to help get Democrats elected to positions of power where those Democrats can shower the unionized teachers with more taxpayer money. It is a corrupt (and disgusting) system. If you ever needed to see what corruption looks like, all you have to do is look at the cozy Democrat-public union relationship and how Democrats raise taxes on the people every year so their union backers can have above-market pay and benefits. Teachers make anywhere from 50% - 75% more than the average Minnesotan and they do not work full-time. Oh, and they get paid for the rest of their lives when they retire. Free money. No wonder they keep crying for more spending.

greg62Mar. 16, 13 3:04 AM

"parent leaders described the cuts as catastrophic, affecting such resources as the social worker, psychologist, recess monitors and testing help."______ What? Why are these positions so vital? We never had these positions when I went to school and we did better than kids in public schools today.


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