Twins' center field competition not over quite yet

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  • Updated: March 16, 2013 - 12:34 AM


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gocgo2000Mar. 15, 1310:04 PM

OK, let's start setting the stage for when Hicks gets sent down to AAA to "season himself". Look, we all know it is coming and anyone thinking otherwise if fooling themselves.

Dantes929Mar. 15, 1310:54 PM

"OK, let's start setting the stage for when Hicks gets sent down to AAA to "season himself". Look, we all know it is coming and anyone thinking otherwise if fooling themselves". And maybe it shouldn't happen. Do you think Hicks is a .345 hitter? Does Hicks get a free ride the rest of pre season because of a hot start? Mastroianni is batting 68 points higher than Hicks. Its not over and shouldn't be over. I am pulling for Hicks but even Butera and Punto have had hot streaks in spring training.

twinsfanwy1Mar. 16, 1312:38 AM

The race shouldn't be over. C'mon Strib...what kind of an answer do you expect from TR when you ask him a question like that. From what I've been able to ascertain from listening to games, reading articles, and watching some of the games-it appears Hicks has the edge. He's showing good plate discipline, is listening to his coaches, is playing with a lot of poise, and seems to have a ton of natural ability. To my untrained ears, the crowd noise changes when Hicks comes to the plate. There's a buzz about this kid. Like Souhan said,(and I paraphrase here) "...the Twins didn't trade Span and Revere for quality starting pitching alone. Its also because they believe Hicks may be even better than Span or Revere."

rodneyklineMar. 16, 13 2:15 AM

It sounds like Terry is really reaching for an out so he doesn't have to take Hicks North and pay him in arbitration a year early. One guy hitting .345 and the other hitting .195 and he calls it a tight competition. I know it is only ST and numbers can change pretty fast but to call it a competition between Mastrionni and Benson is even ridiculous. Benson had 5 hits in 7 at bats and still can't get his BA above his weight. I think Terry is tipping his cards here. He does not want to take Hicks to the Show because he is the cheapest guy since Calvin Griffith to run a team in MN! The Pohlad boys could be totally conning me but I believe that they are not afraid to spend money and have said yes to every request from Billy Smith or Terry Ryan. Billy was horrible at making the decisions but at least he put a plan together for a $115m payroll that was green lighted. Terry operates like he needs to cut payroll and rebuild when I believe the Twins needed a #1 and a #2 starter and a solid SS and they could compete with the Tigers. I strongly believe that Mauer and Morneau are going to have huge years this year and we now have missed an opportunity to go big in the rare occasion when we have two MVPs in the prime of their career. I would have gone all out to get Grienke (and then I would be really nervous right now when he hurt himself earlier this week) Ha! Our trio of G, M&M could go toe to toe with the Tigers and Cabrera, Fielder and Verlander. We would need some luck still but at least we would have a shot. This team has desperately needed an ace the last two years and this year is no different. I have to admit that I am way more nervous about the bullpen than I thought I would be so maybe an ace and a shortstop would not be enough. At least go in with a plan that can compete Terry!

Don't Feed the Greed GuyMar. 16, 13 7:06 AM

Benson, Mastro & Hicks: Two of the three will be headed north at the end of the month. I still think it's going to be M & H. If Benson makes it, that means Mastro will start in centerfield. If Hicks makes the team, Mastro will be the 4th outfielder. Whatever happens, Hicks will play virtually everyday--either in Rochester or Minnie. And, oh, Benson had another 0-4 outing last night.

BallFourMar. 16, 13 9:23 AM

It doesn't matter if you go 0-for-4. What matters is what kind of 0-for-4.

larsoeriMar. 16, 13 9:28 AM

Hicks is going to triple-A due to service time... not sure of the date, but if they call him up later in the season it alters his service time and enables the team to get another year out of him before he's eligible for his 2nd MLB contract... the team is cheap and rebuilding, I'd love to see him come north, but I would prefer to have him for another year before he gets a huge contract... it's business...

downsideupMar. 16, 13 9:55 AM

The competition shouldn't be over yet. The "real" spring games are about to start. This will show the team who has the goods. And remember, whoever does not make the team will be, hopefully, working to get called up. Terry Ryan made that clear as well, the other day. The AAA shuttle could be working overtime this year, too.

Dantes929Mar. 16, 1310:56 AM

I guess I hadn't thought it all the way through. I assumed if Mastrianni temporarily won the center field slot both Benson and Hicks would be sent down but then who is our backup? I believe Mastro will be with the team either way and now I believe he will be the 4th outfielder either way because the Twins will not have Hicks or Benson sitting on the bench. In this case it is kind of a no brainer that Hicks will stay up and not so much based on ST performance but more on how they both did last year in the minors. The only possible change to this is if they really don't consider Benson a prospect anymore and keep him as a 4th outfielder for a bit while Hicks gets more at bats in the minors. Resign yourself to the idea that Hicks is probably not who he appears to be. I don't think he is a .345 hitter with really good power. If he sticks I would be quite happy with the .286 and dozen or so homers he hit in the minors last year. I can easily see him going 4-20 in the first week of the season and the same fans pushing for him now, calling him a worthless bust.

boshkMar. 16, 1311:29 AM

"And don’t forget [Darin] Mastroianni, either" who? i guess i already forgot.


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