Caught between work and home, more dads say they're unhappy

  • Article by: Brigid Schulte , Washington Post
  • Updated: March 14, 2013 - 8:54 PM

Mothers and fathers both said they feel the strain, but stressed fathers said they are unhappier about the struggle to find balance.

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jdlellis1Mar. 14, 13 9:05 PM

To get over this, think of those who faced the following. 1 - The Depression. 2 - The Civil War. 3 - The Dust Bowl. 4 - Slavery. 5 - Native American Genocide. 6 - The Holacost. Finally, consider the soldiers past and present who have allowed us to live our middle class life styles!

bluebird227Mar. 14, 13 9:07 PM

Parents need to give themselves a break. Years ago, parents didn't "hang out" with their kids, or take them to practice, or watch all their basketball games. Kids played with siblings and other kids of all ages in the neighborhood. We turned out fine and learned to navigate life ourselves. If you can sit down to dinner together most nights, go to church (or the park, or gym) and visit grandma together once a week, you're doing just fine.

rlundl02Mar. 14, 13 9:07 PM

That's life.

mandansmomMar. 14, 13 9:18 PM

“That, to me, is shocking,” Parker said."

Why? I think Dads have been given far too little credit over the years. My husband is a devoted and loving Dad, putting kids over his own needs all the time. His Dad and my Dad did the best they could within the confines of 50's and 60's society to be involved, and to show how they loved us, but it was hard in a world that dictated that it was their role to provide financial support at any cost, even if it meant missing our recitals, shows, games, etc. Children do, indeed, need two parents (gender optional) to support them.

marsbonfireMar. 14, 13 9:34 PM

Having kids is all about sacrifice...a fact that many people seem oblivious of. When you have children, it's not about you anymore, it's about them. My daughter was born when I was 43 and my son a year and a half later. For us, it was the perfect time as I was less interested in my career and able to devote more time to them. I wouldn't change a thing....I've been able to take them to school just about every day, help with their homework, attend their events and basically, be a dad. I've been really fortunate to spend as much time with them and everyone we meet always tells us how well mannered our kids are.

svictoriaMar. 14, 13 9:41 PM

Have fewer children.

pokey2007Mar. 14, 13 9:46 PM

How about when the husband is working working working and his wife is also working but raising the children (until a double duty comes up and needs the husband to show up). We woman do do do so much more than our moms of the 50's. We have paid and un-paid jobs, we both love our kids like no-tomorrow but we just keep on going. We both need thanks, and understanding.

keaton12Mar. 14, 13 9:56 PM

Welcome to a mom's world. I agree with svictoria. Have fewer kids.

holstjMar. 14, 1310:01 PM

Too many helicopter parents, let the kids be kids and stop scheduling every minute of their lives.

iceman3Mar. 14, 1310:22 PM

Men are unhappy about this for several reasons. Chief among them is that they don't have choices. Women do. Despite the Mr. Mom notion...that is abosultely not a choice for 99.9% of men. Women have all of the choices. For's cool to work. Or cool not to. Men don't have that choice. Kids go to the mom in divorce, yet women can work out of the home if they want, or stay home. Men are absolutely discriminated against both by the women they love, and by society in general. The snickers about the guy who stays home, and his percieved weakness etc. is too much to over come. That plus the financial pressure by his family to "breadwin"...creates the stress. They feel boxed in with no escape.


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