Twins GM refuses to lose confidence

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: June 12, 2008 - 4:06 PM

Billy Smith sees reasons for what went wrong in the lost series against the White Sox and also sees signs that such poor play won't continue.

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PooOnUJun. 11, 0810:21 PM

Clearly the Twins were run out of Chicago this past weekend, the Sox were playing out of their heads. But every team goes through rough patches in the course of a season. The Twins need a few breaks this season but they will compete to the end for the division title.

Daniel1966Jun. 11, 0810:28 PM

Lucky for us that we have sane, T., Romer, Craig, Jimmy and others who realize that the long-term success of the Twins and Francisco Liriano rests with his ability to regain both superiority and his major league "stuff" while continuting his rehab in AAA at Rochester. We're patient and we'll be waiting, Franchise!!

PooOnUJun. 11, 0810:33 PM

Rincon? Boof? Hernandez if he doesn't pull out of his tailspin. Tolbert will challenge Lamb and Harris for a regular spot starting in August.

ehstangJun. 11, 0810:57 PM

Both start off decent until the cover is blown off. Neither had or have the stuff necessary to win at MLB level. Bring back Liriano sooner than later.

Loon03Jun. 11, 0811:35 PM

..."how to get a head coaching job..." I could understand. But, honest to goodness, the "...and be successful" part must have had the other coaches rolling on the floor.

gall0249Jun. 11, 0811:41 PM

Don't forget about keeping Macri at 3rd. We could have Macri, Tolbert and Cassila playing the infield for under $1 million. Instead of Punto, Everett and Lamb for $8.8 million. Yikes, it's good to see Everett and Lamb doing what we got them for.....Let's just get rid of Punto, Lamb, Everett, Boof, Juan.....there's got to be some team out there that could use these guys in AA, no?

scotchlunchJun. 12, 0812:06 AM

When it comes to the Twins I'm not sure you can be all THAT disappointed. Disappointed in the defense heck yeah, but looking at the starting pitching you just HAD to know everyone on that isn't going to pan out over the long term and they're going to hit some very bumpy spots along the way.

whalefeetJun. 12, 0812:10 AM

i think the guy with the most upside at 3rd is buscher. he'll hit for a decent average with some power while playing pretty much the same level of defense as lamb. get him in there!

proute507Jun. 12, 0812:14 AM

wishful thinking I know. Who knows what will happen in the Central. I don't mind keeping Punto around for the sole purpose of defense. He is our BEST fielding shortstop or third baseman............for what that is worth..

tracymnJun. 12, 08 5:49 AM

What happened to the positive? The Twins were projected to finish BEHIND the Royals in some preseason standings. Yet they are still in the race for the central. Yet all I see is people slamming the Twins--come on--they weren't projected or expected to be division winners. Get a grip peeps-- BE HAPPY the Twins are playing better then most of the "experts" predicted. We are back to the early 80's teams that formed the 87 WS champs--only we are hanging in the division race while we rebuild.


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