June 12: Warroad preacher vows to put politics in his pulpit

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 29, 2008 - 9:48 AM
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smittyjsJun. 11, 0810:37 PM

His right to free speech certainly is protected,however, while he may talk about the moral precepts of right or wrong on topics like abortion he can't direct this in a way where he singles out particular candidates and to vote for or against them. The law is quite clear that in doing so his church will lose its tax free status.a People aren't sheep and they should be able to make up their minds according to the values they hold and not because of influence of a pastor.

mn55066Jun. 11, 0810:41 PM

The members of his congregation obviously know the pastor's stance on various issues. Does he really need to tell them who to vote for? Sounds like he has a huge ego and just wants the publicity.

bbodbJun. 11, 0810:42 PM

Then why do they flock to church?

freedinJun. 11, 0810:45 PM

I wonder which came first for this guy, being a republican or being a Christan? I am betting it was being a republican, and being a Christian was an easy way to spread his political ideology.

larsonrm1970Jun. 11, 0810:46 PM

Congratulations Rev. Booth, because of your political lobbying and agenda your church will most likely lose it's non-profit status, as well it should.

TillietatooJun. 11, 0811:01 PM

When I was a child -- I know, back in the dark ages -- values were preached from the pulpit, and the minister didn't have to worry about the IRS being critical. But the days of the social humanists and ACLU have been here since the '50's and now they preach what is or is not free speech. I am quite sure that Rev. Booth is preaching the Bible, which includes "thou shalt not kill."

samwellJun. 11, 0811:28 PM

and the preacher was advocating for Democrats, I've sure the GOP would be crying foul. The laws that are on the books exist because the churches would otherwise become a tax-exempt political campaign committees that would claim "separation of church and state" whenever federal election officials tried to regulate their activities. The pastor can believe and preach whatever values he wants, but he is obligated to keep his fairy-tale stink out of politics in his church. Any christian who voted for Bush should be begging forgiveness anyway--from God and from the rest of us.

zumbrotaJun. 11, 0811:30 PM

Bill Clinton spoke at more than twenty churches during his last campaign. But now, A preacher can't mention that Barack Obama is the most pro abortion Senator in the country? Obama even voted against the Born Alive Protection Act...that demanded aborted babies born alive be provided care, instead of dying in nurses arms, as has happened so often. But he felt that calling such a baby "a person" would open the door to blocking other abortions. The quotes from him are easily found all over the net. If this minister can't stand up for what he beleives is murder...and more than 40 million babies have been aborted in this country...then we are truly no longer free. You must tow the line...as ministers in Canada and Sweden found out when they were jailed for preaching that homosexuality was a sin. Too many other preachers are afraid to say what they think for fear of the IRS and maybe offending some parishioners.

dswernerJun. 11, 0811:32 PM

Glad some freak from Warroad, Minnesota is speaking for God! I bet God is happy about his self ordained spokesman.

mnlukeJun. 11, 0811:46 PM

Be nice if he could spell Barack properly. Did you read his sermon? Wow. Nice proofreading effort reverend.


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