Pope pays tribute to Benedict in cardinal meeting, says he "enriched and invigorated" church

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  • Updated: March 15, 2013 - 5:48 AM
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twspt7Mar. 14, 13 9:11 AM

"Francis is sure to bring the church closer to the poverty-wracked region, while also introducing the world to a very different type of pope. Reversing the typical order of blessings, he asked the crowd to bow their heads. "I want you to bless me," Francis said" I have very high hopes for this man. At first glance, he appears to be exactly what the Church needs right now.

bizsmithMar. 14, 1310:09 AM

I"m not Catholic or even religious, but he comes across as a guy I could like.

forteforteMar. 14, 1310:50 AM

There was a previous article in the Star-online that I cannot find that talks about Pope Francis I's "complicit" behavior with the Argentinian govt. and the killing of "anti-government citizens. Was that article taken off line?

markapMar. 14, 13 1:16 PM

I am sure he is very humble but what does that have to do with picking up his luggage and paying his bill?

esperanza1Mar. 14, 13 2:09 PM

I'm very happy to hear Pope Francis bring such a down to earth message, a human message, at his first Mass. I have great hope in his bringing people together-Catholic and otherwise-as our new Pope.

svictoriaMar. 14, 13 2:48 PM

I'm no longer Catholic, having converted to a mainline, somewhat liberal Protestant denomination in my early 20s. But, Catholicism still resonates with me, perhaps after 12 years of teaching by the Rule of St. Benedict and coming from a long line of "Cafeteria" American Catholics in my family. However, this Pope Francis could bring some openness in a much needed 21st century Catholic church.

jsimple3Mar. 14, 13 3:30 PM

I've been a lapsed Catholic for years, partly because I'm not crazy about the fancy rituals, expensive churches, etc...But this guy represents the best of the church I grew up with. First time I've been excited about a Pope!

luxaeternaMar. 14, 13 4:54 PM

All I can hope for is that he will be a far more pastoral figure than the last guy, and that we've seen the end of telling American nuns to forget about the poor.

Marykate1Mar. 14, 1310:18 PM

The best thing he could do for the church is to allow priests to marry. The Bible does not prohibit ministers/priests to marry. Men would then apply to the priesthood in droves.

okaybruceMar. 14, 1311:15 PM

@Marykate1: They can marry in the Eastern Rite and Byzantine Catholic Churches. It hasn't really resulted in "droves" as this is something that A.) is a calling B.) takes darn near a decade of education and C.) is not something that can support a family. Also, why the need? We don't have a shortage in this archdiocese and their freedom and ability to be anywhere at anytime allows them to be much better servants of God. If, however, you're trying to connect this to the homosexual abuse crisis, think again. Celibacy does not make someone commit homosexual abuse. Not having sex does not make one a homosexual or a pedophile, otherwise all of us would be those things before we marry, or right after "divorce." It is a silly thing to believe.


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