Minnesota Catholics brace for change with new pope

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 14, 2013 - 9:16 AM

Jesuits, Spanish speakers, conservatives and women wait expectantly for Francis to make his mark.

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fackerMar. 13, 13 9:50 PM

"Liberal-minded Catholics" are not Catholics at all. You either agree with and LIVE the doctrine of Catholicism or you reject it and do not. That is what is watering down Catholicism in this day-and-age...Catholics that believe one thing but live another and don't represent Catholicism. And, as far as Cathy Osgood's wanting the Church to come into 'age'. That is the genius of Catholicism. It doesn't bend and sway in the winds of humanism and societal pressures. Its stands for Christian principals that are founded in God and His natural law. That is why it has lasted 2000 years while many mighty governments based in your human priorities have come and gone like the wind! Changes as you desire will NEVER occur in Christ's Church! Such changes would be anti-Christ!

okaybruceMar. 13, 1310:01 PM

God bless our Holy Father Francis! He won't do anything with women's ordination, because he CAN'T. It has already been infallibly defined. As for birth control, the same is the case. As for abortion, the same is the case. As for same-sex "marriage," the same is the case. He is on record being against all three anyway. Deo Gratias!

okaybruceMar. 13, 1310:27 PM

Seriously, folks, the Pope cannot change Church teaching on marriage, sex, or women's ordination. Its a done deal. Get over it.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 13, 1310:33 PM

Thank you Facker you beat me to it. The one thing we can count on though is the Strib to interview only a liberal Catholic for her views on the new pope. But there are two sides to every story and since the Strib pretends there is nobody out there except us liberal Catholics here is the other side... In this day and age when public policy is shaped by the latest news poll we don't want change unless it be finding a cure for the church's sexual scandals. The flip side is for you feminists who believe men-woman are exactly the same, the church isn't about to let guys become nuns either.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 13, 1310:40 PM

We can look forward to female priests or gay marriage in the church about the same time the church allows adultery and abortions.

redkayakMar. 13, 1311:09 PM

The headline for this article using the word "brace" is both offensive and inaccurate. Catholics today celebrated the announcement of the new pope. There is no indication yet on any changes that may or may not happen.

dogboy714Mar. 13, 1311:11 PM

And that is why religion is fading, Bruce...Amen!

keaton12Mar. 13, 1311:29 PM

The Catholic Church will never perform gay marriage. They still oppose birth control and abortion. There is an uprising with youth and the church. It is infectious! However, If you haven't been in a Christian based church lately, you would not know that. They even sit near the front and aren't afraid to live a moral life.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 13, 1311:45 PM

"And that is why religion is fading..." And curiously as well while religion is fading, society is circling the drain. From single parent households, to mass shootings, to high crime, fraud, uneducated youth and huge government debt... Does anyone see a connection?

fuzzypilgrimMar. 14, 1312:03 AM

Prehistoric traditions. Eventually they are replaced by new beliefs. Every 1000 years.


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