Same-sex marriage bill advances in Legislature

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 13, 2013 - 9:35 AM

Bill sparks passionate debate on both sides before House and Senate committees vote.

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nrabadMar. 13, 13 9:47 AM

Religion has nothing to do with marriage unless you want it to be included. My wife and I were married not in a church and by a judge with no mention of religion, just the way we wanted it. Equal rights will always be on the right side of history. Unfortunately religion has been on the wrong side of history for a long time, just look at their history.

BejothMar. 13, 1310:01 AM

It wasn't mentioned in the article that one of the speakers, Mike Frey, demonstrated pathetic ignorance in his statements. Mike spewed falsehoods which are being justifiably mocked all over the country. First we had Bachmann making Minnesota looking like a state of ignorance, and now Mike's statements support that belief. Hey folks, it's called discrimination. This is America. You don't get to discriminate against a minority with your laws.

palsarMar. 13, 1310:07 AM

"In a recent Star Tribune poll, some 53 percent of Minnesotans said they would not support legalization of same-sex marriage. Only 38 percent said the state should do so." -- So now which party is forcing their social agenda on MN?

kmalawMar. 13, 1310:19 AM

It will need at least 13 Republicans in the House and 7 in the Senate to pass. Can anybody name them? The "missing" Democrats come from districts that strongly supported the amendment.

bblheadMar. 13, 1310:46 AM

Is this truly the highest priority we have right now? Already had millions blown on the amendment. How about give it a rest, let the people settle social issues, and get to work on our financial situation.

ldinmnMar. 13, 1311:03 AM

The emphasis of the gay marriage opponents on parenting is perplexing. Last I checked, having children is not a requirement for getting married. There is nothing restricting infertile couples from getting married or from people past child bearing age from getting married. Are they suggesting that the state should mandate a child be produced in order for a marriage to be valid?

bfenickMar. 13, 1311:09 AM

It's time has come. We have to realize that the future is equality and quit stalling the inevitable. I say to each his or her own.

BroonieMar. 13, 1311:32 AM

I hope to be able to send congratulatory cards to every gay/lesbian couple that I know when they get married in MN and formalize/legalize the partnerships that they already have.

ikyabwaiMar. 13, 1311:58 AM

Funny how the GOP thought this was an issue when they were running the show and now want to shove it under the rug. Have another heapin' helpin' of Backfire Stew GOP/TP!

luxaeternaMar. 13, 1312:03 PM

@bblhead: You complain about the millions of dollars spent on this question, but who forced the Marriage Amendment on us? It was the opponents of marriage equality. This is not the time to "give it a rest". The people have spoken in a referendum and now is the time for the consequences of that referendum to be seen. Let gay Minnesotans legally marry the persons they love, and let them be in peace.


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