Timberwolves combine injuries, delays and poor shooting in lopsided loss to Dallas

  • Article by: KENt youngbLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 11, 2013 - 11:21 PM

Dallas took advantage of Minnesota’s tired, depleted roster and the team’s inability to hit open shots.

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oxboardMar. 11, 13 7:16 AM

Well what do expect from D league players, the wolves have only a couple true NBA types. They have never recruited shooters and when they had them the traded them away. do they have a shooting coach, if so fire him, yesterday, The poor shooting is nothing new with this team and should have been addressed long ago.

mccovey69Mar. 11, 13 7:51 AM

I have great sympathy for these guys. They have had to play without Kirlenko or Pek for a number of games, and they have to be worn out and weary from trying to make up for these two guys being out. They go out there and play pretty hard, from my point of view, knowing that they most likely will not win. I don't see any of these guys as quitters. Hang in there, Twolves.

ljb6599Mar. 11, 13 8:47 AM

Ak-47 although a good player but if you read the rap sheet on him was that he was injury prone. it does not matter how good you are if you are only only on the floor half the time. Signing Pek to a big contract is a concern to me as he also seems injury prone.Brandon Roy 5 million. Enough said.Chase Buddinger blows out a knee. Kevin Love is already proving to be injury prone.So what do we have left.Ricky Rubio and his backup Barea. At least Derek Williams is not injury prone which is a positive .Shved has caught the Wes Johnson syndrome.That is too bad because he seemed to have a lot of potential.So whom is to blame for all of this.Well no one can be assured that players will not get injured something needs to be said about those whom chose these players to begin with....Free Your Mind and Think

snoozecruiseMar. 11, 1311:28 AM

mccovey69, I absolutely agree that the guys are doing the best they can under the circumstances. I don't fault any of them. Regarding Shved, he came into this season after playing Olympic ball and this is his first NBA season. He needs a full off-season to work on his strength and his game. He is simply worn out, and the ball doesn't go in when a player is exhausted. I have almost no doubt that he and Rubio will be as good as any backcourt in the league next season. Also, Shved, IMO, is a legit starter at the two--not Luke--and the former will be much more successful as a starter. It will be interesting to see what next year's lineup looks like after signings, trades, and the draft. Khan has made countless draft mistakes including trading Lawson and even trading Norris Cole and taking, I believe, Malcolm Lee instead. (I like Malcolm, but his knees...) The sum total of Kahn's frequently lamented and less cited mistakes have put the Wolves in a literal no-win situation. One of the bright spots this year is effort and professionalism, both of which were missing the last couple years. Also, Rubio has recovered and after this summer, I think his shot is going to be solid. No doubt, a disappointing and completely unexpected season for players and fans. Other than AK and Malcolm, I think it's too early to label anyone else as bona fide injury-prone.

cheito39Mar. 11, 1311:28 AM

I"m very proud of this team,it takes guts to go out every game knowing that the odds are against you and give the fight they do. Sorry for those who think differently.9 guys we should take our hat off.

MuddyOasisMar. 11, 1312:07 PM

When you have to play guys who would otherwise just be options to play for a change of pace then it is hard to not understand our woes. Most of these guys are complimentary pieces not accustomed to their enchanced roles. Shved will be fine, he went from playing once a week to having games 3-5 times a week. That is a dramatic change.

sharrockMar. 11, 1312:15 PM

Shved will come around. Seems like the European players need a season under their belts to figure things out (remember Pek's first season?).

eibud22423Mar. 11, 1312:19 PM

Journeyman ball players without a superstar or two will always be noncompetitive.

MuddyOasisMar. 11, 1312:48 PM

To be fair AK is playing a lot more than he otherwise would have. Roy and Chase going down made it so playing AK more a necessity. I mean really, he is playing the 2nd most minute a game of his career. He's not a 35 minute a game guy anymore. He's 25-30. Would he be still healthy if his minutes were down ? Tough to say...he does play like a maniac.

snoozecruiseMar. 11, 1312:56 PM

Many good points by several people. I want to add one comment about Rubio. He is hustling and playing hard, but I think he would be wise to remember that most of the others guys on the floor have been playing all season, hence they don't have any fight left at times, especially after playing in Denver Saturday night and at the Target Center 20 hours later. The Wolves are woefully short-handed, and Rubio's legs are way fresher than his compadres.


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