NFL free agency: Spending big often fails

  • Article by: Mark Craig , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 10, 2013 - 12:14 PM

Gambling on big-money free agents has been anything but a sure thing over the years, particularly when it comes to wide receivers.

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zatawayMar. 9, 13 6:20 PM

It fails if you try and build a team with FAs - The old Redskins being a good example. But getting a key player, in his prime, that fills a huge position of need can be a very positive addition - Jared Allen probably being at the top of the list for the Vikes. I like that Spielman is taking the "draft" approach, but the team is now competitive enough where spending money on a few pricey free agents could mean the difference in possibly making the playoffs and making a deep run in the playoffs

pazalunaMar. 9, 1310:06 PM

steve hutchinson, pat williams, antoine winfield, darren sharper, ben leber, favre, heck even bernard berrian had a couple decent seasons....all were free agents who gave the vikings many good seasons. you BUILD through the draft, but you AUGMENT through free agency. if the vikings choose not to close themselves off to a way of improving their team than they have no intention of winning.

bruisedupMar. 10, 13 6:49 AM

Thank you pazaluna. You have a way with words. I really don't think it's in the best interest of the Viking organization to be desperate at any position on the field when they start drafting either because that's often the time for reaches to be made. One thing that isn't being mentioned in this article too is that some of the biggest flops in the draft come with the wide receiver picks. Wide receivers make up the second to the highest number of busts in the 1st round right behind the quarterback position.

Izzy96Mar. 10, 13 7:54 AM

Does anyone think that Christian Ponder is the kind of NFL QB who can consistently utilize a deep threat? I read all the local and national pub's and listen to all the NFL radio and TV prognosticators, and not once in three years can I remember any of them even hinting Ponder had that kind of NFL arm. To the contrary, many have stated he does not. So we can pay Wallace or Jennings and run them deep down the field all day, but as long as defensive coordinators and defensive personnel don't believe Ponder can consistently put the ball in their hands, that big money threat means nothing. In the Vikings offense with Ponder at QB it's yards after the catch that are important, and that is why someone with Harvin works well. Wallace ranked 47th in the NFL in yards after the catch, and Jennings ranked 216th. On the other hand, Wes Welker ranked 1st and he is a free agent too. Harvin was third on that list.

dirtydogsMar. 10, 13 8:03 AM

Article sponsored and co-written by the Wilfs???

dirtydogsMar. 10, 13 8:04 AM

They really need to restructure Jared Allen's contract. He is no longer worth his exorbitant salary and this would help bring in a free agent or three.

goldengoph3rMar. 10, 13 8:20 AM

Spending big for busts often fails, yes (John Carlson). That doesn't mean a competent GM, say, someone not named Rick Spielman, couldn't find a valuable addition in free agency.

sidhartmannMar. 10, 13 9:36 AM

It's not that big spending fails, choosing the wrong player is what fails. Let's see, Manning and Bree's were pretty good signings. Woodson and Reggie White won Superbowls for Green Bay. We need better decisions by Rick, less John Carlsons and Jerome Simpsons.

turgidMar. 10, 13 9:45 AM

The Vikings have AP, who is a one-man marketing show. They have the stadium and can coast for the next 5 years on more or less the current roster.

veegezMar. 10, 1312:21 PM

I've seen this column before. Many times. It's usually reserved to satiate the Pocket Protector Twins fans and the Twins Front Office. And now, the disease has spread to football and the Vikings. The notion that it rarely works is not a reason to ever thumb your nose at Free Agency. That just totally let's the ownerships in this town off the hook. Tired of seeing this tired headline. Thanks Mark.


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