March 7: Minnesota Senate passes sweeping health insurance change

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 15, 2013 - 5:21 PM

After a 12-hour debate over new Health Insurance Exchange, senators voted to revamp how 1.3 million will buy coverage.

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carl12345Mar. 7, 1310:45 PM

Having done insurance billing over a decade, gotten out of it, I have seen how difficult it has become to get insurance companies to cover legitimate claims. I've a relative with cancer looking at possibly 100K in uncovered expenses, in spite of having a strong comprehensive medical plan. We've done nothing to demand insurers negotiate well and fairly to those not covered by big business. It's unfair, unethical, unconstitutional and will be unpredictable and painful.

wallyworldmnMar. 8, 1312:09 AM

I don't have an issue with an exchange from the standpoint that it will bring more pricing transparency to the process. The concern that we all should have is the determination on the part of the $$ managers at the insurance companies that will do everything to cheat a customer out of coverage. When a customer with a disease or injury has to spend their energy fighting a bonus driven insurance manager that will stop at nothing short of cheating, the tragedy is doubled. Anything that empowers customers to keep the insurance companies (and medical provider empires) honest, then I'm all for it. Medicine should not be a money grab for anyone.

sharkysharkMar. 8, 1312:10 AM

Why would anyone choose to put Minnesota's taxpayers on the hook for an additional $60 million when the Feds will already be providing an exchange that we will be paying for?

fenstratoMar. 8, 1312:16 AM

Sen. Lourey was really in command of the facts on this bill while he logically and patiently shot down all the opposition catterwalling. Thank you Sen. Lourey.

BABloomMar. 8, 13 2:44 AM

Kudos to Senator Lourey for moving this important legislation forward. I listened to a couple of exasperating hours of the debate where elected republicans did nothing but propose duplicative and obstructionist amendments. Minnesotans deserve better than an obnoxious minority party.

physics1966Mar. 8, 13 4:16 AM

It is the best thing for Minnesota to have a baseline type of medical insurance for all residents. That baseline care might involve some level of rationing and wait-listing for medical procedures for those who are on the baseline. Wealthy people will always have the option to forego the government- provided service and pay a lot of money to get a cardiac bypass operation immediately if they are not comfortable waiting for a while to get the procedure under the government plan. Sure -- the plan is not quite fair to the poor. Some poor people who are left waiting for their heart bypass might die while waiting, whereas the odd rich guy might be saved by getting his operation the next day after a serious cardiac blockage was discovered. The rich can participate in the government program if they are willing to wait to get treated. The poor will have no option but to wait their turn. That's as good as it is going to get, unfortunately.

citypersonMar. 8, 13 6:46 AM

Another example of how things get done with the adults now in charge. Thank you, Mr. Dayton and Mr. Lourey for caring about the people within your borders.

aschroepferMar. 8, 13 6:47 AM

Why in the world did we need this. I have had private insurance for over a decade and was just fine doing my own shopping. What is the point of this again?

aschroepferMar. 8, 13 6:48 AM

Will they tax the "wealthy" to pay for this or will it by the 10 other taxes that Dayton and the democrats have proposed?

Jakein08Mar. 8, 13 6:59 AM

Great news! Thank you DFL leaders for getting this done!


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