In Edina, civic discussion can turn uncivil

  • Article by: Mary Jane Smetanka , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 7, 2013 - 9:15 PM

Reaching out to residents via the city’s website draws snark.

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plummpjMar. 7, 13 9:32 PM

Not too surpising. Look at comments here in this online StarTribune. People will say things in the anonyous online context that they would never say in person in a real meeting.

rjr2205Mar. 7, 13 9:45 PM

Sadly this topic reflects todays communications trend! Look at Washington DC and the tendency to personal attacks as opposed to strongly disareeing on an issue. Most reality shows involve people shouting each other down, echanging snarky remarks and lack of civility! The anonimity of on line comments only embolden such destructive communications! Nothing gets done and these same negative communicators wonder why. Lets learn to strongly disagee without trying to destroy the other person! We can all add some value to solving our problems!!

hammarhead1Mar. 7, 13 9:57 PM

plummpj - I agree! These comments would be better if they weren't anonymous.

smeeagain2Mar. 7, 1310:50 PM

The Strib regularly deletes or just shuts down commenting on articles.

serfdumbMar. 7, 1310:59 PM

After a civil start, a few outspoken participants dominated the discussion, which became a back-and-forth between a man posting detailed complaints about construction and people who used sarcasm to poke fun at him while hiding behind online aliases or first names. - Did a progressive ever think that a balanced approach may be a better way? No, the audiences are packed with pro agenda driven individuals that talk down those that need to pay for the programs. Minds were made up in the beginning by unelected planners. It was just a talking side show about what will happen with peoples tax dollars. A dog and pony show to make the uninformed think they are being represented. Poo on you.

mrprogressiveMar. 7, 1311:14 PM

People in Minnesota, especially Edina have way too much time to complain about petty issues and involve themselves in other peoples lives. I looked at the comments and it appeared to be complaints about porta-potties, trees, awful blue collar folk starting at 7am, etc. Get a hobby people! I only wish I could have such petty problems.

mn55066Mar. 7, 1311:28 PM

The biggest problem with the Internet is that it lets everyone think he or she has something important to say.

serfdumbMar. 7, 1311:33 PM


kennedylandMar. 8, 13 1:49 AM

When a person sends in a letter to an editor of a newspaper, they are required to include their name add address. I think the same requirement should be necessary for online comments. Many people toss out insults without including who they are in their statements. I don't think it is a violation of anybody's rights to insist they identify who they are when they have something to say. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. - MIchael Kennedy, Minneapolis.

texas_technomanMar. 8, 13 4:41 AM

Hire a moderator! How tough is that?


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