Grinding ban? These Andover High School teens wouldn't bend

  • Article by: Kristin Tillotson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 7, 2013 - 9:24 AM

When Andover High said “no grinding” at its winter dance, some students held their own.

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yorkieluvMar. 7, 13 9:32 AM

As an Andover teacher, parent, and community member, I am so glad our school administration has taken a stand on decency. Our school sponsored dance (without grinding) was well attended and I was happy to chaperone this activity. I have turned down many opportunities in the past because it makes me uncomfortable to see this behavior.

angleworm99Mar. 7, 1310:03 AM

Being, what most students refer to, a liberal teacher, I am well aware of the dancing style referred to in the article. Hats off the Andover school administration for not allowing it at their dances. The "dance move" vividly demonstrates sexual intercourse. I understand a parent wanting to support their child but this is a reflection of this generation of parents. When a parent is more concerned about being their child's friend than helping them make responsible decisions, our entire society pays the price.

tcoeguyMar. 7, 1310:06 AM

I am glad the school took a stand. "Grinding" is an extremely inappropriate public behavior, especially with kids.

juliasaMar. 7, 1310:07 AM

"downward facing dog" is a gross overstatement to what the actual position is. The author must neither grind or do yoga.

oscarfallsMar. 7, 1310:07 AM

A girl bending over with her hands on the ground and a guy rolling up behind them seems a tad extreme. We had grinding in my day. Let me see you tootsie roll!

oldmotorheadMar. 7, 1310:13 AM

Thanks alot parents; nothing like supporting the school district's values they are trying to teach kids. And you wonder why kids today don't have any moral values?!

one4themoneyMar. 7, 1310:22 AM

"Yoder, a point guard on her school’s girls’ basketball team, is out for the season because of surgery. Organizing the dance gave her something else to focus on, said her father." --and this is why China owns us. I can think of a million other things that a teenager could focus on then the right to grind. Our priorities in this country are really messed up and being encouraged by adolescent minded adults.

pseudonymMar. 7, 1310:29 AM

"Neither do all parents — but Yoder’s mother and father, along with other classmates’ parents, helped Katie set up the dance" This is what parents focus time and energy on; accomodating their teens' "right" to grind? Yikes. I fear for our future

lmalleyMar. 7, 1310:41 AM

Another fine example of the lack of parental support for the School rules. Whats the message being sent to this generation? If you don't like the rules go around them. It use to be you were on your own but now the parents drive the ship. No wonder there is no respect for authority! So sad!

wearhelmetsMar. 7, 1310:52 AM

REALLY? At a high school dance? This is an extra curricular activity and instead of being appreciative of the administration for sponsoring events outside of the classroom, you teach your kids to be disrespectful and self absorbed. Thank you Rhonda Dean for teaching personal respect and respect for others. It's a sad reflection on the community. Can't wait to work side by side with these kids when they join the real world. Maybe mom and dad will chaperone their work space too...


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