Minnesota Poll: A majority doesn’t want gay

  • Article by: Baird Helgeson , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 6, 2013 - 9:50 AM

Months after an amendment to ban the unions was rejected, 53 percent opposes legalizing them.

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sharkysharkMar. 5, 1310:02 PM

I certainly don't trust these biased poll results. I think even more people are opposed to changing marriage laws.

mrprogressiveMar. 5, 1310:07 PM

Nice job using the kids as political pawns. Why couldn't they just leave the kids at home and make their statement without them?

emijordanoMar. 5, 1310:09 PM

Remember, it is just a poll. This does not necessarily accurately represent the true opinons of the public. I hope this results do not hinder the progress towards equality.

freedomallMar. 5, 1310:11 PM

Since when did we live in a Direct Democracy? This is NOT our form of government. Our Founding Fathers knew that a direct democracy would harm the right of the minority and they were right! The legislature has every right to pass Same-Sex Marriage and if the voters don't like it they could vote them out come 2014. Putting this issue up for the voters to decide is unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court will rule that come June 2013!

martin64Mar. 5, 1310:13 PM

Baloney !!! We didn't fight the amendment just to give up the notion that two people in love should be denied marriage to each other.

nicholas468Mar. 5, 1310:20 PM

Why do we collectively care about who marries who? Because it's invitation only? People don't like each other all that much anyway. That's why people who can move away and commute in and those that have no choice are forced to cluster together. Let's not pretend that this isn't about wanting to hurt gay people because they're not a well-liked minority anyway.

lorentjdMar. 5, 1310:24 PM

These poll results aren't terribly surprising. The momentum of public opinion recognizing same-sex marriages is slowly but steadily growing. We are at the point where there was just enough public support to vote down a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriages but there may not (yet) be enough support for the actual legalization of same-sex marriage (although the legislators may surprise us). A mere thirty years ago, few would have predicted the current favorable state of public opinion towards same-sex marriage. Thirty years from now, same-sex marriages will, almost as certain as the sun rises in the east, be legal in Minnesota. It's just a matter of time.

nancyjeanMar. 5, 1310:29 PM

That Yes/No vote and signs everywhere confused people, the truth finally is revealed.

lordhawhaw1Mar. 5, 1310:36 PM

I wouldn't have a problem with Gay Marriage if we can separate it from organized religions that oppose it. I don't want to see my Sunday pew offering going to buy lawyers to fight to keep Gay Marriage out of our church. The libertarian in me says gays have the right to marry if they choose but the libertarian in me also states that it should not be at the expense of forcing others to go against their own moral code. I believe there is room for compromise here.

mchristiMar. 5, 1310:36 PM

This poll is does not fit the trends nationally or locally. But regardless what this, or any other poll, might say, marriage equality is the right thing to do. This is the year to do it. There is no reason for delay. Equality before the law, including for gay and lesbian couples, and protecting all families (which provides a net benefit to our whole society) is something that is a good and important thing to seek after and achieve.


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