Expand beer, wine to more U of M arenas, legislator says

  • Article by: Jennifer Brooks , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 6, 2013 - 1:27 PM

Despite success at stadium, U officials want to wait and see.

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lars471Mar. 5, 1310:51 PM

Yeah why make more money for our needed facilities - get rid of Tubby & then allow liquor sales & use the money wisely!

jhbensenMar. 5, 1310:57 PM

I have had season tickets to the Minnesota Gopher football games since 1992 and think it's a lousy idea to have alcohol sold at the games. I really need getting drunk in the stands and spilling beer all over me. It doesn't need to be more like the Vikings where you fear to bring your family so they can be exposed to swearing and crude behavior.

april24Mar. 5, 1311:03 PM

I don't get why they are so skeptical of a proven stream of revenue. The state happily taxes it. It's almost as if there were some sort of plant or something that is relatively harmless yet could provide millions in revenue and produce a byproduct that could be used in hundreds of ways in manufacturing, as if they wouldn't be interested in it. Too bad there is no plant that exists like that.

WaterloverMar. 5, 1311:22 PM

Uhm, don't forget about the MNSCU schools as well! I wish the legislature would spend 1/2 the time thinking about MNSCU as it does about the U....

u34ci10Mar. 6, 13 6:53 AM

Great... I take my kids to University sporting events because the number of drunken idiots is far less than what we see at professional sporting events. We can't fix everything with alcohol and gambling. Grow up congressman and find a better way to fix our budget issues.

lawstarMar. 6, 13 6:53 AM

I attended several Gopher football games this fall, sitting in bowl seats where groups of five or six 40 year old men consumed beers four at time, took off their shirts although it was cold out, paid no attention to the game, and in general made donkeys of themselves.I agree with jhbenson above. Beer is a lousy idea no matter the revenue.

qualeMar. 6, 13 7:50 AM

Please provide more information on the math. $990,000 in sales, but only about $16,000 in profits? This makes no sense. $7.50/beer product costs are maybe 75 cents/beer? Obviously there are labor and some other costs, but $800,000 worth?

MagicMar. 6, 13 8:08 AM

Alcohol sales are fine as long as its cut off at a decent time. Start of 3rd quarter, Start of 3rd period etc

elmore1Mar. 6, 13 8:26 AM

Any new beer revenue is a drop in the ocean. What the legislature should do is make sure that the U is transforming itself to be more cost effective. Cut redundancy and become a leaner and more effective organization.

holmescity49Mar. 6, 13 8:33 AM

Mr Iverson is telling us the U is only making 12 cents on $7.50 in sales?? The state is making six times that on taxes. Maybe the School of Business should take over beer sales as a class project. If they can not generate more profit at the same selling price, maybe it should be shut down. The School of Business, not the beer sales. Who is walking away with all the profits?


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