Ranked-choice voting hurts Minneapolis minorities

  • Article by: DEVIN RICE
  • Updated: March 5, 2013 - 9:30 PM

In addition to being costly, it leads to voter errors — more so in minority precincts.

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tonyyarussoMar. 5, 13 9:36 PM

There are two critical flaws in this letter. First, while statistics are given about ballot errors by neighborhood, there is no comparison to the distribution of ballot errors before RCV was used, so it is impossible to conclude that those errors are in any way related to the voting method change. Second, if they indeed are a result of that, then they are the result of confusingly printed ballots, not the system of RCV. Those are not the same thing, and better methods of balloting would solve the problem while continuing to use RCV, so RCV can not be blamed.

mdachsMar. 5, 1310:01 PM

I don't understand why any voting system should not be considered, because a group or groups are prone to making errors when they vote. With the right to vote also comes responsibility - the responsibility to figure out how to vote correctly. I don't necessarily favor ranked-choice voting. But if it's a good change, then let those who make errors take the time and effort to learn how to vote. If they cannot vote without making errors in the current voting system right now, then maybe they just should not vote? That is just not responsible use of their voting rights.

mplsjoejoMar. 5, 1310:21 PM

I have a question. How can it cost $1.7 million dollars? That would mean if the city is 370,000 total people of which 280,000 are eligible of which 200,000 would vote, that means it costs $8.50 per vote? This doesn't make any sense for that price we should get a free plate of food and a drink when we go to vote! Once again our city government spending our tax dollars like drunks.

fredredMar. 5, 1310:52 PM

Supporters of this elitist voting method from around the country will now pounce on the author for tackling their sacred cow. That Ranked Choice Voting discriminates against classes of voters is not secret, but the powers that be don't care. The sellers of RCV are no different than the late night television pitchmen selling a product that does everything, with an adoring crowd providing canned testimonials, all the while knowing the product doesn't work. If RCV were a consumer product, it would be recalled for false advertisement. Time to stick a fork in it.

comment229Mar. 6, 13 5:57 AM

Rank choice voting will bring campaigns to a level of honesty they have never seen before. Case in point.... I voted for Ventura, because I could not stand Coleman or Humphrey. That was an extreme for me and do you know how many people said I would waste my vote if I did this? If a third party was a viable option, both the democrats and republicans would HAVE to come more to the middle. You would also, no doubt, see quite a few third party independents getting elected by Minnesotans tired of the same rhetoric we hear over and over from the two major political parties. There is only one thing that I would ask. Can we not only make this an option at the state level, but also the federal level?

comment229Mar. 6, 13 5:59 AM

In the last presidential election, if ranked choice voting were a reality, there are two republicans who "debated" (guess you would call it that...) but if RCV was a law, they would not even have been up there on the stage. They would have run an total independents and perhaps even teamed up as a presidential and vice-presidential candidate. Can you name them?

davehougMar. 6, 13 6:51 AM

What is so wrong with the most votes wins? Ranked voting gives us a majority winner like one more round would give us a unaminous winner.

drfranktMar. 6, 13 6:53 AM

Based on the information provided in the article regarding the "error rate" for a variety of "neighborhoods" is there any reason to suspect this may have been a case of educated vs uneducated? And if so, there lies some personal responsibility...if you're going to vote, educate yourself on, not only the candidates, but also the process!

godtlaMar. 6, 13 7:34 AM

This letter uses the flawed logic of taking data from one election and asserting that a change in election process was the cause for both a lower percentage of minority persons elected and lower voter turnout. Many factors could have influenced both results. There may or may not be a valid concern here, but the letter certainly doesn't make the case for concern.

jdlellis1Mar. 6, 13 7:56 AM

Is ranked voting a solution in search of a poblem?


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