Miami Heat extend winning ways against Wolves

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 5, 2013 - 6:37 AM

Feisty Wolves guard J.J. Barea ultimately got ejected for a flagrant foul, but the Heat reigned supreme with its 15th victory in a row.

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oxboardMar. 5, 13 5:25 AM

Well the wolves didn't quit, they took it to the heat from the tip off till the end, gotta admire them for that. to bad the coach refused to use all the players.

comment229Mar. 5, 13 6:19 AM

I know there are a bunch of die hard wolves fans that stick behind them thick and thin. Don't blame the rest of us who don't care one bit about a franchise that is one of the worst in pro sports. You could give me four tickets to this game, free, and I would stay home to watch an old movie instead. It is that bad. I don't know what it is going to take to get the NBA back on track, but I do know that as it exists today, "parity" is a word that is not in the NBA vocabulary. The NFL realized this, changed the rules, and came up with the phrase "on any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team" and for the most part, that is true. How much of a chance do you think the wolves had against Miami last night? The last game I watched, was when the wolves beat Cleveland.... and I am grateful, that I don't live in Cleveland. I sure didn't waste my time watching last night.

matthewJamesMar. 5, 13 7:11 AM

In fly over country your not going to get calls against the Heat or teams like them. The NBA has been ruined by the way the games are being refeered. It's been this way for way to many years. When is going to change? Probably never. The money people look at it as a form of entertainment; therefore the T-Wolves need a basketball miracle to be an elite team in the NBA. Sad but true.

srmskiMar. 5, 13 7:18 AM

Wow, had to watch this several times and still don't see the "flagrant" foul; over reaction reff'ing. Basketball officiating is a sham. What's a foul; what's charge? Don't watch much NBA and this is the reason.

haye0138Mar. 5, 13 7:25 AM

Ed Malloy......horrible

nessmessMar. 5, 13 7:27 AM

JJ just shoved back.... Haz-been Allen had better dayz a decade ago.... The heat are one injury away from becoming second rate team... As they age, the injuries will start to pile up on the big three... I hope they enjoy it while they have it... Yes, the NBA is a complete joke in regards to parity!!!

editor29Mar. 5, 13 7:35 AM

In the NBA-as-basketball-entertainment business model, The Miami Heat vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves essentially is the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals, with J.J. Barea cast in the role as the legendary sawed-off Generals' point guard Red Klotz.

jrdjkcMar. 5, 13 8:05 AM

I agree it didn't look like a flagrant 2 foul on JJ. But that is not why they lost... Wade abused the smaller MN guards. He scored at will over Luke and outrebounded Rubio. Great game by a great player. Nice to see Shved's shooting touch return! Interesting to see how accurate and inaccurate the plus/minus can be. Accurate that Luke was -23 with his bad shooting and bad defense verses Wade. Inaccurate that JJ was plus one when he shot 1 for 11.

calsunshineMar. 5, 13 8:32 AM

NBA is a waste. The league has maybe 4 teams that can win a title the rest are just a waste of time. It is the wwe of pro sports. All flash no show!

mvj5Mar. 5, 13 9:12 AM

NBA officiating is a serious problem. The "flagrant" foul on JJ and the Shved foul on the 3-pointer were two of the worst calls I've seen in a while. This absolutely killed the Wolves momentum. Of course, they were likely going to lose anyway because they were simply out matched but NBA reffing is an absolute joke.


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