Minnesota Poll: Background checks draw strong gun owner support

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 4, 2013 - 6:57 AM

Minnesotans across the state strongly support background checks for all gun sales, including for guns sold privately or at gun shows, the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found.

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harrisstevenMar. 3, 13 9:48 PM

As a person who is not normally a gun advocate, thank you folks for showing restraint and common sense. We need to work together and I admire your stance.

sharkysharkMar. 3, 1310:00 PM

There are already background checks for all sales by licensed dealers. Explain how this will work between private parties. Criminals for instance.

LicoriceMar. 3, 1310:14 PM

Take note of women's response in the polls. We don't swagger around the capitol packing pistols and garner all the attention, but we vote. And, there is a huge disconnect between the NRA's blanket opposition to reasonable measures, such as background checks, and the realities of domestic violence, predominantly perpetrated against women.

mplsjoejoMar. 3, 1310:29 PM

Here is the Number One Problem. The State of Minnesota is a Failure at doing background checks now, so is more than Half the States in the Country. The Star Tribune just had an article in January about Christian Phillip Oberender. Who murdered his own Mom in the 1990's when he was 14 years old. He passed the FBI background check because Minnesota doesn't share complete data with the FBI and MN gave him a permit to buy assault weapons and pistols passing MN own background check system. He bought 13 guns over the last couple of years and was getting ready to have the worst mass shooting in history, here in the Twin Cities. We don't have a gun problem we have a government not doing its job problem.

jimmyjames76Mar. 3, 1310:50 PM

I'm a gun owner, and I absolutely agree. The aim should always be to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable, while keeping freedoms intact for responsible gun owners. High capacity clips seem completely unnecessary as well, but I think the biggest strides could be made by stopping private parties from selling guns to anyone and everyone. Register them like cars, and when you sell a gun require both parties to transfer ownership. If the the party buying the gun doesn't pass, they don't get to buy the gun.

comradeMar. 3, 1311:26 PM

The problem with this poll is that there are 4+ million people in Minnesota and sampling 800 city folk, who are most likely Democrats, doesn't represent the true opinion of gun owners. Once again, some media outlets are too quick to proclaim that the majority supports universal background checks. While I am in support of reasonable measures to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, I am a realist and know that these laws will do little to solve the problem of keeping evil people from doing what they plan. I also have no trust in a government that wants to track the law abiding with a national database of gun owners. You must be completely ignorant of history to not know that such a list ultimately leads to confiscation of guns and the loss of freedom. Be careful of what you gun control fanatics wish for as the abolition of the first amendment will surely follow the destruction of the second amendment. Also, some politician's definition of the word reasonable is anything but.

bannedmuggsMar. 3, 1311:31 PM

Ummm...a Star Trib poll? This paper has a tendency to always have polls going in the same direction as the newspaper's agenda. Anyway, here are 2 questions. How in the world will these "universal" background checks be enforced, when the current laws are being enforced. And second how is these "universal" background checks going to stop the next Newton? They aren't...after all the democrats' grandstanding. Until these "leaders" want to deal with violent video games, violent movies and TV shows and mental health issues, this whole uproar over guns is grandstanding. Hope and Change in 2014!

basia2186Mar. 3, 1311:33 PM

And of course everyone with a current carry permit( already had a background check) will be exempt from further background checks right? Until private data regarding the mentally ill, and felony/ domestic abuse criminal records are up to date and 100% accurate~what is the point?

mrburns2Mar. 3, 1311:41 PM

I'm sure all those criminal types will rush out there now to get that check done on their buddy selling them a gun, but the law abiding guy/gal will now have to fork over $30 to have one done to sell to his grandkid or brother/sister, etc. nice...so when that crook breaks into your house please be sure to ask him if he's had his background check completed. But I bet you "feel good" about this law.

manylakesmnMar. 3, 1311:55 PM

Was this poll only taken in Hennepin county or only the Star Trib's dwindling subscriber base. How do the lawmakers plan on enforcing this "feel-good" law. They can't...unless they then push for gun registration. History tells us how well that worked. It worked well for the NAZI's, Soviet Union, Great Britain etc. To jimmyjames76 above, your not a gun owner or you would understand the difference between a RIGHT and a PRIVILEGE. How about enforcing the current laws we have, and punish those that do break them, starting with minimum 10yr mandatory sentencing. Oh wait, that may not be politicaly correct, might even be racist if many are gang-bangers, drug dealers, and female sex traffickers. Nine state sheriffs' assns have sated publicly that no more laws are needed and will not enfore them. Over 300 individual sheriffs around the country have said that they were not going to enforce anymore gun legislation. Grassroots are under way right now to out all of the gungrabbers holding office here in the state, all the way down to county supervisors. Elections are coming next year and their names will be published weekly to let everyone know those that want to trample on the Constitution.


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