Improvements bring out more Twin Cities bikers, walkers

  • Article by: Steve Brandt , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 1, 2013 - 10:03 PM

After boom in bike lanes and other incentives to get out of cars, bike use is up by 50 percent.

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andersj9Mar. 2, 13 6:38 AM

Isn't it grand? Safer mobiility, improved exercise for participants, new ways to get around? Congrats to Mpls and Hennepin County for the lead in this. Hopefully soon we can connect the midtown greenway over the bridge to St Paul.

vikesgr8fanMar. 2, 13 7:23 AM

It would be even more grand if Mpls would make it illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks. I've had many close calls with bikers while walking because no one gives a courtesy yell anymore that they're coming up behind you, at a very vast pace I might add. Some act as if I'm an impediment to their bike riding. I regularly walk across the Hennepin Ave bridge which has bike lanes on both sides and I notice that they are rarely used by bikers. I will say that it would be nice if the bridge was plowed to the curb as the bike lanes have been full of snow most of this winter.

george13Mar. 2, 13 7:28 AM

More taxpayer $.

rufflesMar. 2, 13 7:45 AM

I walk daily around my neighborhood, I don't need a million dollar walk path. Stop spending!

quinnerooMar. 2, 13 8:14 AM

"I don't need a million dollar walk path. Stop spending! ...............Most of the improvements are on City streets, with minimal signage and restriping. Not only does it create safer routes for bikers and peds, it causes traffic to flow smoother and safer, making neighborhood streets more livable.

cranelakemanMar. 2, 1310:16 AM

I realize that I'm in the minority but I'm really tired of bikers in their really pretty get-ups doing 20 mph in a 30 and owning the road...if we build bike lanes, use them?? And if there is a whole gaggle of you...try single file, not the whole road...

merchant46Mar. 2, 1310:25 AM

"I walk daily around my neighborhood. I don't need a million dollar walk path. Stop spending on things that are not for me." There, fixed it for ya.

elkriverscottMar. 2, 1310:40 AM

Making slow city streets even slower by removing car lanes is silly. Making gasoline buyers give bike riders free lanes is silly. License and tax bikes. They don't mind paying more in taxes. Ask them. How about visible plates so the police can ticket the free riders who refuse to pay?

furguson11Mar. 2, 1310:42 AM

We're number 2! (behind Portland, badda bing)

quinnerooMar. 2, 1311:42 AM

"Making gasoline buyers give bike riders free lanes is silly. License and tax bikes."................My license tabs for both my cars was just over $750 last year. I buy diesel for them and pay the taxes. So, in fact, I'm subsidizing you, elkriverscott. You're welcome!


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