North Oaks tells Google Maps: Keep out - we mean it

  • Article by: LORA PABST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 31, 2008 - 12:28 AM

The St. Paul suburb with private roads may be the first U.S. city to ask that street images be removed.

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cjlundyMay. 30, 08 8:36 PM

North Oaks! Grow up!

jdkolsenMay. 30, 08 8:42 PM

All stories or none you liberals.

mn55066May. 30, 08 8:49 PM

The only issue here is privacy. North Oaks is a private community, with privatly owned roads, so they have a right to ask Google to omit them from Google maps. Would you want ANYONE to have 24/7 access to your property? Google should not be allowed show ANYONE'S home without owner permission. This is a gross intrusion into personal privacy.

nick12May. 30, 08 8:51 PM

People who think their money make them more important make me sick.

kevinm1May. 30, 08 9:00 PM

Seems like a non issue for Google. So No Harm, No Foul. Google spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo said "the images of North Oaks were removed shortly afterward". She didn't know of any other city in the country that has made a similar request. "This is very rare where an entire town would request to be taken off," Filadelfo said. The company receives a limited number of requests from individuals who don't want their homes displayed on the website. All of these images are removed from public view and would never be sold, Filadelfo said.

mcdonmMay. 30, 08 9:01 PM

I think Google Maps and their "street images" are for good fun and are a great use for tools such as real estate home hunting. I have used Google street images to check out the neighborhood, street, and the house being sold to get a good idea what is around the property up for sale.

rtuengeMay. 30, 08 9:19 PM

It would appear that Google may be unfairly targeted here. Perhaps the owners in North Oaks should have a look at Zillow as well. Rest assured, hiding behind that high security and not to mention high quality sign at the entrance to North Oaks must give the residents an astounding feeling of security and privacy. If only the residents of Ferndale in Wayzata road could erect such a masterpiece to keep the prying eyes of the lower classes at bay. Surely there must be more important issues in the world to concern ones self with.

wickeywackeyMay. 30, 08 9:21 PM

"Golly" sez Joe Plumber "can't find this address on Google Maps!". Hey Google - they don't want to be found - make it happen!

DillioMay. 30, 08 9:26 PM

give me a break, next thing you know they'll be complaining because their caviar couldn't be delivered because the delivery driver couldn't find their house.

lucyfurMay. 30, 08 9:34 PM

I am tired of those who are tax exempted getting what they want, when they want..and how quick it happens!! Wake up! Move to an island of the coast of the Land of the Free! Unless you're Native American in certain states...stop ********!! Good job, Dillio for assisting me in my voice.


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