Timing of unannounced contract extension for Gophers basketball coach puts U on defensive

  • Article by: DENNIS BRACKIN and MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 4, 2013 - 5:57 PM

Pam Borton, whose team is likely to miss out on an NCAA tournament bid for the fourth straight year, was given a two-year extension by former athletic director Joel Maturi two weeks before he left last June.

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acecatFeb. 28, 1310:29 PM

I doubt the U will do any serious investigating. When it comes to Borton, they always turn the other way and choose not to look at the real situation. It doesn't matter what happens the rest of the way. They might win a game they shouldn't and lose a game they shouldn't. It's another losing Big Ten conference season and no NCAAs. Borton's integrity is constantly in question, now it extends deeper. Keep Borton and we keep dysfunction and mediocracy. Maturi is soon out of the picture but lucky women's basketball fans, we're still stuck with Borton.

chuckdancerFeb. 28, 1310:51 PM

I guess until someone tells me how this contract compares with other women's basketball coaches in Division 1, I will reserve judgement.

eyeintheskyFeb. 28, 1311:03 PM

What kind of idiots are running the University of Minnesota. It is time for the legislators to DEMAND immediate accountability from prexy k. And WHAT is badger joel macturi doing over there any way? Hasn't he single handedly made every imaginable screw up with extending...then buying out contracts? This last deal with borton MUST be the LAST screw-up that badger joel macturi ever makes at the University of Minnesota. NO coach at the U can EVER be fired or bought out IF bortin continues at the helm of the Gopher's Women's Basketball Program. She has had 11 years and has steadily driven this team further into the ground. The next time prexy k comes with his hand out...begging for a hand-out from the legislators...throw him out on his ear empty handed. How DARE those incompetent administrators over do the things they continue to do? borton MUST go...and badger joel macturi needs to have his salary cut off immediately... What kind of clown is this prexy k any way? Does the man have ANY common sense? And that prexy b was a real LAME prexy for the last few years he ran the joint... ; 0 )

eyeintheskyFeb. 28, 1311:06 PM

Well, this piece pretty much sums up all we need to know about the administrators over at the U of M. Unbelievable...totally unbelievable. Will we have a University left when these administrators are finished? ; 0 )

eyeintheskyFeb. 28, 1311:10 PM

Is there NO accountability for the Women's Basketball Coach? Is there NO accountability for the administrators at the U? When will this madness end? I think the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota should investigate these unbelievable situations... ; 0 )

eyeintheskyFeb. 28, 1311:18 PM

Are you sure it was just a two year extension? ; 0 )

goldenjet2Feb. 28, 1311:22 PM

Perhaps Borton also extended Maturi's "consulting" contract. This is a ship of fools with no captain, helmsman or rudder on the ship. I am sickened by the institutionalized incompetence of this group of hangers-on. Flush them all and start over.

goldengoph3rMar. 1, 1312:00 AM

Where to start, when there are so many outrageous decisions to address? Ms. Borton, you're already failing quite well on your own no matter what anyone else thinks of you. Mr. Kill, perhaps we should take the $800,000 from the UNC debacle out of your university-endorsed raise, whenever that happens. Mr. Smith, winning one big game doesn't mean you've earned your extension or the privilege of coaching the team next year. Mr. Teague, you don't have big shoes to fill, yet you seem to have adapted to your predecessor's style of management very easily. Good luck raising Kill's salary. And finally, the worst for last: Mr. Maturi. Sir, you are almost singularly responsible for not only one of the worst periods of major-sport performance in Gopher history, but also for the financial profligacy coming to light even today. As you continue to be a tremendous drag on the University payroll despite accomplishing very little, the least you could do is take time from your "busy week" to address some very concerning issues. And after doing so, please do the University a favor and go away.

krzyktMar. 1, 1312:01 AM

Nice win against #7 Penn State last night. Many quality wins throughout the year and a team that works hard and hustles every game. I'll take that kind of coach anytime. She deserved the extension then and probably deserves yet another one.

neumannincMar. 1, 1312:03 AM

If Coach Borton is right, “I think there’s some people that really want you to fail around here," then those people must be mighty pleased with her performance. I can't imagine why Maturi paid that much money to the coach of a non-revenue sport, particularly one who does not appear capable. I swear Maturi is a mole sent here by Wisconsin interests.


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